How To Make A Christmas Care Package

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We talk about how TGM can help customers create special care packages for their loved ones and make the season more enjoyable.

COVID-19 may have deprived us of some real quality time with our friends and family, but nothing can stop us from showering them with thoughtful gifts for the season. Amidst social distancing protocols and cyber gatherings, we've found that the strongest bonds can withstand any amount of distance.

We've redefined how relationships are supposed to be.

Over the past few months, we discovered ways to personalize the virtual realms into our new hangout spots and safe spaces. We learned how we can still make our presence felt despite physical boundaries. It goes without saying that with all the adjustments we had to face, it was thanks to our steady support system that made it all seem possible and bearable.

Now that we're entering the last phase of 2020, no time could be more perfect for expressing our love and appreciation to those who remained by our side.

What better way to send out our well-wishes for the season than with a holiday care package?

Whether it's for a relative working on the front lines, a niece or nephew struggling with online classes, or a homesick friend spending the holidays away from family, a care package would be a lovely gift to let them know someone's looking out for them.

Here are three fundamental tips in gathering essential items, treats, and trinkets into one heartfelt collection.

Make it customized to their routines

Guarantee delight in your care package by making it tailored for the recipient. Think about their current routines and personal favorites. What do they value most? Choosing items that complement their lifestyle and contribute to their present goals should be your ultimate objective. Include valuable things that can ease their worries, replenish their spirits, and improve their focus. For ideas, here are some items you can find from The Goodwill Market:

Guilt-free Cookies

It's practically mandatory to include comfort food but let's attempt to revamp the idea. Sugar-laced confections can quell sweet-tooth cravings, but they also carry unpleasant long-term effects on the body. At least with Gullon's range of sugar-free cookies, anyone can indulge in each delectable crunch without worrying about their health.

Mood-boosting and stress buster vitamins

For the year that we've had, there is no limit to the vitamins we can store to increase our immunity. But apart from enhancing our natural barrier, did you know vitamin C can also be an effective mood-booster? Not to mention, vitamin C also shows charming benefits for the skin. Take Bewell-C with Zinc Protect to help your loved ones regulate their stress and supplement their skincare regimen.

Add your personal touch

Try to put in a handwritten note or a simple trinket for a beautiful surprise along with your curated items. Play around with colorful stationery or personally handcraft an item that commemorates an unforgettable memory. Doing these would be as if you've included a small piece of yourself in your boxed gift. It's important to remember that you're arranging a care package to deliver warm feelings of joy. In these times that you can't physically be together, at least you can send out these thoughtful articles in your stead.

Wrap it up with the best intentions

How you pack your holiday box is just as crucial as handpicking the items. If you want to avoid your friends and family getting damaged goods, ensure that the items are neatly and tightly-packed. This process is especially critical for long-distance deliveries.

You may also find it a bit tricky to fit everything nice and snug. But don't worry, after a few tries of rearranging the items, you're bound to find a solution. And if bubble wrap comes to mind, allow us to least recommend a more sustainable approach. You can opt for fine strips of scratch paper for a soft cushion or egg cartons to secure your parcel. Thinking green would be more fitting for the Christmas theme, don't you think?

Need any help?

If you're running short on time, we'll be more than happy to offer some assistance. Our online shelves host a fine collection of delectable treats, luxurious skincare, and useful vitamins that can make for a splendid holiday care package. You can also task us to wrap up the items securely and have it delivered safely —at no additional cost! We're here to help you build a better holiday with hassle-free solutions. Sign up today and start shopping for your holiday gift box! — (TGM)

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