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In this article, we discuss the better options for moms to ensure their kid's healthy development.

With the current stay-at-home situation for both work and school, our roles as moms have become much more crucial and demanding. Apart from balancing our own work-life schedule, we also need to consider our kids' learning environment at home. To get through this, we'll need to be a few steps ahead in managing the situation.

But you don't need to fill yourself with worry. As your partner in building a healthier home, we can help make the experience easier for you. Here are three ways you can upgrade your mom-strategy.


All the imaginary adventures and lighthearted spree of laughter made playtime one of the best highlights of our childhood. But now that we have kids of our own, it's now our mission to recreate this heartfelt memory for them. Our ultimate goal is to make playtime the best time of the day, even when they have to stay at home.

The only question is, how? For one, it starts with fun and engaging activities. Knowing what learning style they respond to best will help in making playtime work for their fundamental growth. Whether your kid is a visual or kinesthetic learner, you can find activities that can suit his needs and interests.

But making playtime fun doesn't stop here. You should also look out for potential hazards such as dry and itchy skin. Especially with frequent handwashing, our hands can be more prone to dryness. Luckily, with Suu Balm Kids' Head-To-Toe Wash, you can have a gentle and moisturizing soap for your kids. Pair it off with Suu Balm's soothing eczema cream, you can easily provide a rapid gentle relief for chapped skin.


Do you remember your favorite childhood snack? It might have been a chunky cookie or a strip of candy that your parents would give as a reward for a good deed. And whichever it was, you can't deny the warm glow of excitement you felt during those times. How about sharing these fun moments with your kids this time around? Gullon's sugar-free chocolate wafer would be the best treat. Although made with no sugar, it's surprisingly sweet and packs a deliciously satisfying crunch. Kids will certainly love munching on these yummy delights.


Being at home has many surprising perks. You can have more bonding sessions and chances to make good food at home.

Teach your kids the value of a healthy meal as early as now. How about letting them join you as a kitchen apprentice? Preparing meals will be easier with a little helper. You can show them all the new ingredients that they can play around with. It'll be a fun little scheme you can pull to nurture your kid's appreciation for each dish. And at the same time, they can also take an active role in deciding the meals the family will have. How about putting a healthy twist in their favorite fish balls and champorado? You'd be glad to know that Duru Bulgur's healthy rice alternatives are perfect for these dishes.

A parent's journey comes with a lot of challenges but is always worth it when we see the smiling faces of our kids. Let's make each opportunity count to carve a brighter future for our families. Take note of these three ways to improve your parent plan and have better days ahead. — (TGM)

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