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Why Desserts Deserve A Place In Your Healthy Lifestyle

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Indulging in sweets is a slippery slope.

Indulging in sweets is a slippery slope. No one ever only grabs one piece of chocolate chip cookie. Soon after your first bite, you’re holding an empty tray looking for more.

When you’re going through a lifestyle change, desserts can seem off-limits. For health enthusiasts, indulging in sweets is one of the worst things you can do to your body. This comes as no surprise since most desserts are served high in fat, sugar, and calories. While grabbing a bite every now and then is harmless, the temptation to overeat is challenging to overcome. Coupled with its unhealthy list of ingredients, it’s understandable why there is just no room for sweets in a healthy diet plan.

Unknown to many, eating dessert is as beneficial for your diet as greens. The right indulgences can positively alter and fuel your mind and body, so you can feel as good inside as you do outside. And if you’re still doubtful about grabbing another slice of cake, there are dessert options now available in the market that give the promise of a sweet treat without the guilt.

And so, we ask the question: Is there such a thing as a healthy dessert?

Not all desserts are diet-crashers. Some are healthier than others, and you can confirm this with a quick peek at the ingredients list. Wholesome desserts are fiber-rich, all-natural, and use only nutrient-dense ingredients, such as healthier oils.

A popular alternative to the conventional oils is High Oleic Sunflower Oil. Perfect for baking chips, cookies, and other desserts, sunflower oil holds lower levels of saturated fat and no trans fat. Additionally, it’s a great source of Vitamin E, which helps boost the immune system.

If you’re looking for a sweet, wholesome treat, try Gullon’s roster of indulgent snacks such as the sugar-free chocolate chip biscuits and chocolate sandwich biscuits. These biscuits are high in fiber and high oleic sunflower oil. On top of that, Gullon cuts out the sugar ingredients from your usual desserts. You know you’re getting only the best and the healthiest snacks.

When we decide to live and eat better, we tend to create a divide in the food we eat. If we want to sustain a healthy lifestyle, we choose greens. If we’re going to indulge and reward ourselves, we grab sweet snacks. With Gullon, you can enjoy a quick, indulgent bite of your favorite dessert without spoiling your diet. — (TGM)

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