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The Right Coffee for a Productive Day

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Here's how a coffee shop can provide an ideal environment for productivity, and how you can achieve this setup with a delightful cup of Chek Hup Coffee Brown.

If you peek through a coffee shop window, there’s only one thing you’ll see more than coffee beans and cups — millennials on their laptops. Over the past few years, Millennials have taken over the workforce, and they brought with them their firm stand on work/life balance. As described in a recent article by the Odyssey, most Millennials today are refusing to work a 9-5 job in the confines of an office. And to meet these demands, the workplace has shifted, and so came the “work from home” setup.

It’s common to assume that finishing your work at home is anything but productive. With the tempting comfort of your bed and the sound of the TV just a few steps away, it’s no surprise that employers are hesitant to ditch the office based arrangement. However, staying in your home while you do your tasks can be just as productive. Studies have backed that this setup improves communication, creativity, and engagement more than it promotes procrastination.

Coffee shops have started to become the new offices, the third-place between work and home, for most professionals today. This is where the coffee shop culture boomed. The delightful smell of coffee, as you enter a café, is irreplaceable, especially when you’re in for a treat of free wifi, guilt-free air-conditioning, and better coffee.


Getting free access to electricity and the internet in a coffee shop isn’t actually much of a bargain. When staying at a café, it’s common courtesy to buy a cup of coffee or a plate of dessert. In fact, The Simple Dollar (a popular finance website) describes that Millennials spend about $2,008 yearly on coffee shops alone.

Quality coffee shouldn’t have to be so inaccessible and expensive, and it isn’t. There’s a way to enjoy the same quality of coffee minus the price.


With so many to choose from, how do you find the right coffee flavor for you? As a guide, there are six things to look for when selecting your coffee:

  • Body: Consider the thickness and heaviness of the coffee.
  • Acidity: The tanginess on your tongue when you first take a sip
  • Preference: Different brands carry several flavors you can choose from
  • Aroma: The sweet smell that makes you excited to taste the coffee
  • Roast level: How long the coffee beans were roasted and the difference this makes to the overall taste
  • Price range: Is it worth the price and within your budget?

No two coffee brands are the same. Ultimately, it will all boil down to preference. Other coffee brands are either too sweet or too acidic.

If you’re looking for a healthier option while enjoying the best of both worlds,

Chek Hup Coffee Brown might just be your answered prayer. This rich, malty, and medium roasted coffee blended with brown sugar and caramel is the coffee for everyone. This wholesome blend has no artificial coffee flavoring, so you can enjoy your morning, afternoon, or even evening cup with no guilt.

The environment in coffee shops mimics that of an actual workplace, minus the pressure and stress, which is why more and more Millennials are choosing to work at cafés than in their own homes. Even so, sometimes, all you need to get right on track and feel that jolt of enthusiasm to work is the right cup of coffee. — (TGM)

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