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Soy Yummy: The Soy Milk Goodness That You Can’t Resist

We enjoy and consume milk in a lot of ways. We take milk as a beverage or a partner of our favorite cereal and even coffee. While it is a staple milk option for many people, dairy milk is not suitable for everyone. Some people don't prefer it or are either sensitive and allergic to dairy.

But luckily, in today’s time, many milk alternatives have already been developed to replace the usual dairy milk. Many of these are non-dairy, vegan, and suitable for people who are sensitive to dairy products. One of which is soy milk, which is an excellent substitute for dairy milk.

What do you need to know about soy milk?

Soy milk is usually made from soybeans that are soaked, finely ground, and strained after. It is a great substitute for the typical cow’s milk for coffee, cereal, and even for some dishes and recipes where milk is used as an ingredient.

Soy milk has a mild and creamy taste and has a lot of nutrients that come close to what a typical dairy and cow’s milk can offer. Soy milk is filled with Vitamins B12 and D. In addition, Soy Milk also contains a lot of protein. For 1 cup of unsweetened soy milk, you can get about 9 grams of protein already.

In addition, soy milk is low in calories. Approximately a cup only contains about 80 to 90 calories instead of cow’s milk that has about a maximum of 120 calories, depending on the brand and how it is processed.

And with that, we are here to help you choose what’s better for you and your health. You don’t need to worry about how you can find and try soy milk out for yourself because a new range of products has arrived at TGM.

Meet Soy Yummy

Choosing a non-dairy milk alternative is now made easy. Soy Yummy is finally here at TGM to give us a variety of soy milk alternatives that anyone can easily enjoy. Soy Yummy’s soy milk comes in three flavors: Black Soy, Melon Soy, and Chocolate Soy.

Black Soy Bean

If you’re looking to maximize the protein benefits brought by soy milk, this variety is just right for you. Compared to regular soy milk, black soybeans contain a lot of antioxidants. In addition, black soybeans also have Vitamins B1 and B2 that help convert the food you eat into energy. This soybean drink variety also has a strong soy taste and flavor. To enjoy it to the fullest, we recommend chilling it first before drinking it.

Melon Soy Bean

A fruity and refreshing take on your typical soy milk, this Melon variety is perfect for anyone looking for a unique experience. The creaminess of the milk and the sweet taste of the melon flavor will surely leave you in a delightful mood. In addition, this is the perfect flavor to give to your kids. The flavors of melon will keep their ever-so-present sweet cravings; plus, you get to provide them with a healthy drink and milk option to enjoy anytime.

Chocolate Soy Bean

If this is your first time trying soy milk and wanted to see how it will suit your liking, the chocolate variety is here for you. Just like the typical chocolate milk, this chocolate soy variety is rich, creamy, and sweet in taste. In addition to the nutritional benefits of the soybeans, the chocolate soy milk drink is high in protein and low in saturated fat. All kids, and even kids at heart, will surely be delighted to try this soy milk variety.

We always have to keep in mind that our choices today will benefit us and our loved ones in the long run. With this new range of premium products coming at TGM, we hope it can help you fulfill your desires of achieving a better life for yourself and your family. Choosing a healthy and better milk option is now made easy with Soy Yummy and TGM. — (TGM)

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