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Achieving Progress through Short-Term Goals

Key Takeaway

In this article, we share how forming achievable short-term goals can make it easier to stay on track of a healthy lifestyle.

With the whirlwind of events that occurred the recent months, having clear plans and concrete goals will definitely be a welcome change of pace. But in between balancing work and being at home with familyin these changing times, it leaves us with little room to think of our next steps. As your partner in your wellness journey, we're here to guide you through this.

When feeling lost towards a healthy lifestyle, setting achievable short-term goals will clear the path for you. Here is an essential guide to get you back on track.


Short-term goals are the things that you can do in the near future. These are tasks that you want to accomplish by today or next week. The main idea is to form short-term goals in your regular routine that aim to propel you towards a balanced lifestyle


Start your morning routine by allocating 10 minutes for meditation. It's important that you start your day right.

Meditating is a pleasant way to condition your mind and prepare you for the day. Turning this into a morning ritual will sort out leftover stress and worries. To help, you can even set your mood with a personalized playlist to get you going. You'll see each morning as a blank slate for new opportunities.


Have a proper way to end the day with an evening self-care session.

Just like your morning routine, you need to give yourself a few minutes to gather yourself before heading off to bed. Not only will this relax your mind but it will also allow you the time for self-reflection at the end of each day. You can do this as you massage your face during a relaxing skincare regimen. Or while you brew a cup of calming tea as you prepare for a light reading.


When we're overwhelmed, we tend to stress eat. And when we do, we carry unnecessary load in our bodies. Try to curb this habit by learning how to manage your appetite better.

Fill in your cravings instead with healthier alternatives to get the sufficient nutrients you need for a brighter mood. As a short-term goal, you can restock your kitchen cupboard with healthy snacks such as Gullon's high-fiber and sugar-free biscuits. When you're on-the-go or just need a filling snack until your next meal, you can rely on Gullon's delectable offerings.


Make it a point to commit at least 3 days each week for exercise.

It's possible to get worn out from a static weekly schedule. Some days, you need a little refresher. An invigorating workout will stimulate your mind and body and ease its tight knots. If you aren't yet used to exercise, it's better to take it slow and easy at first. Your body will develop its strength and stamina as you continue. You got this.

Getting your groove back will take some time but it will be worth it. You can start with these short-term goals we've shared and see how they can improve your regular routine. It's important to manage tasks at your own pace. Feel free to subscribe to only a few for now and add more as you go.

You may even make your own short-term goals that's more personalized to your needs. Better choices are made with small changes. — (TGM)

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