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Heading Out Prepared: 5 Things To Do After Quarantine

Key Takeaway

To help guide you in these uncertain times, here are five things you can do after the ECQ.

Before going out, it is best to be prepared.

As we prepare for the post-quarantine environment, we need to reconsider our actions and discover how we can #choosebetter for ourselves and our loved ones. Knowing the adjustments we need to make will help us cope better with the changes we’re facing.

It is okay to put things back in order on your own pace.

Ease back into your usual day routine

Transitioning back into your usual work routine would firstly need you to get things back in order. And at one angle, that begins with realigning with the rest of your colleagues and stakeholders.

On another level, this may also begin with you restoring your drive. A way to do this is by jumping back into your workout routine. It’s not advisable to hit the gym to sweat it out, but you can run in your regular jogging route. Getting your body back in shape and seizing your daily dose of the sun will help boost up your immune system.

Setting a few safety measures is highly recommended as we face the “new normal”.

Maintain safety precautions

The Center for Disease Control in the United States recommends keeping space between yourself and others. This reputable organization also advocates for proper hand-washing, body washing, and facial cleanliness. In addition, wearing face masks should also be a regular practice. Set safety precautions at home and at work to assist in stopping the spread of the virus. Taking in multivitamin supplements such as Berocca Performance and Bewell-C also helps fulfill your body’s nutrient supply.

Berocca Performance contains Vitamins B and C that helps in giving you mental and physical boost for the day.

Consider taking Bewell-C and Bewell-C Kids as well to strengthen your family’s immune system.

In these times, it’s best to keep our mental health in check.

Focus On Your Mental Health

After a long period of limited social interaction, allow yourself to check in with your friends after the ECQ. Social isolation, combined with the anxiety-inducing news, was not a good combo for a person’s mental health. Replenish your happy hormones through moderate human connection. Group activities such as cooking and eating a meal together promote the release of dopamine along with endorphins. These hormones will ultimately contribute to your happier state of mind.

For cooking meals, you may want to consider something new and try the premium whole grains of Duru Bulgur. As a healthier rice alternative, friends and family will enjoy their favorite recipes while being mindful of their health.

Having a savings plan will help you get through these times.

Do Financial Planning

Focus your attention on mitigating losses by working on financial strategies. Navigate better through the economic downturn with a plan for your savings. Research indicates that financial instability and social stigma cause post-traumatic stress that people experience after quarantine. Lessen the effect of this burden on your mental health by preparing proactive measures to secure your finances.

You can help others rebuild their lives too.

Volunteer for Charity

Restoring society to normal will take more than government efforts. Once you find your footing in the post-quarantine period, help others find theirs too. A considerable population in underprivileged communities will need further assistance to rehabilitate their finances and economy. Through charity and volunteer work, you may help others regain their independence.

We’re all eager to reclaim what was once our usual routine. But in these extraordinary times, it is better to remind yourself to do things at your own pace. What matters is your overall wellness. So take your time to breathe and let it all sink in. Tomorrow, you can make better choices. We’re with you. — (TGM).

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