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Boosting Your Kid's Mood and Motivation During a Pandemic

Kids are known to be resilient and can easily bounce back from any kind of adversity. However, even if most kids are able to work through certain difficulties, the effect of the pandemic may be different from other challenges that they encounter.

With how routines have drastically shifted during this time, kids may feel certain distressing emotions. These feelings may impact them more than the threat of the virus itself. And even if they have a strong sense of resiliency, the changes that the pandemic has brought could still leave marks that they could bring throughout their life.

And as parents, kids rely on us in terms of safety. We have the power to help our kids adjust and cope during this time by paying close attention to them and their needs and immediately attending to them.

With that, here are four ways in which you can help your kids cope and steer away from the distressing emotions that they feel during this pandemic.

1. Build daily and healthy routines

Remote working setup has given us more time to be at home. With that, it has also given us ample time to bond and make more memories with our family. Now that we can conveniently provide the support and attention that they need, we can also help them keep a healthy daily routine in order for them to cope during this time.

Maintaining a routine during this pandemic will help create a sense of orderliness. It will also help our family go through the days easily and will provide the kids a sense of reassurance amid the uncertainties of this difficult time.

Develop a routine that guides them on how they can start their day, finish their tasks, and even help them go to bed easily. Doing this will help your kids navigate through their day with ease. It will also give them a sense of control which can make them feel empowered and motivated.

Following a daily routine can also help them eliminate worries that they have for the next and coming days. It can also help lessen the distressing feelings that they feel about the new setup of living in this time.

Ensure that they get a comfortable and worry-free night to help them start their day without their troubling feelings lingering around. One way you can help is by giving them milk right before bedtime, which helps induce sleep and regulates a sleep-wake cycle.

If you have toddlers and little kids, you can try giving them Blemil Kids 4, a growing-up milk that provides the proper nutrients that aids your kids’ physical growth and intellectual development. It also provides probiotics for good digestion, boosts their immunity, and contributes to correct brain function for your kids’ full development.

Having a structured yet flexible routine for your kids will help lessen the fear and anxiousness that they feel about the pandemic and help them look forward to their day and feel motivated.

2. Validate their feelings

One way to help our kids feel more assured and safe during this uncertain time is by simply addressing their fears and validating their emotions and feelings. Stripping down their fears one at a time allows them to let go of their worries and helps them develop a better understanding of the situation that they are in.

Answer questions that they have about the changes during this time and recognize the sentiments and emotions that they feel about it. To help them better, as parents, we can also talk about our own feelings that could help them have an idea of how to manage and understand their own.

Assuring them that we are right by their side as their parents will help ease the worries that they are carrying. It will also let them live their days accordingly without having their mood depleted.

3. Give them rewards

As everyone is anxious and stressed during this time, our kids may find it difficult to show or voice out their emotions and act out accordingly to their distressing feelings instead. To help them maintain a good mood and keep them motivated, we can give them rewards over things they accomplish like finishing schoolwork and performing well during classes.

Giving out rewards would not only help them feel good and delighted, but it would also reinforce positive discipline and good behavior in them. Plus, any reward is an instant mood maker for anyone. Receiving a reward will also help your kid keep their enthusiasm over their daily routine.

You can also try giving out certain small toys or items that they’ve been wanting to have as rewards to let them feel the gravity of their work or for accomplishing something great. If not, you can try giving them their favorite treats as a reward for behaving and doing well in their classes.

An idea for a fun and quirky drink that is perfect for their snack time after classes is Fruit Me Up. It is made up of natural fruits with no added preservatives, flavorings, and sugar, making up for a healthy yet fun drink that they could have after school. It also gives your kids a new, fun, and delicious experience eating fruits while still keeping its nutrients, fiber, and vitamins to help boost and protect your kids’ health and immune system.

Not only would this keep their sweet tooth in check, but this a good mood booster to keep them feeling delighted.

4. Spend some quality time together

At times, kids just simply crave the care and comfort that they get from their parents. To help them steer away from the uneasy and troubled feelings that they have, we can allot a time each day to simply spend time with them without the distraction of other things.

We recommend doing something that doesn’t require the need for gadgets. The more the devices are away, the less the kids will be distracted. Keeping their focus on the quality time together or the activity or game that they are doing will help them divert their focus and steer away from their distressing emotions.

Not only that, but this would also mean a lot to the kids where we give our undivided attention solely to them. It would reassure them that they will be okay as long as they have us and the rest of our family, even during this difficult time.

The changes caused by the pandemic can be stressful both for adults and even kids. The sudden isolation and not being able to play with their peers physically and the continuous happenings around due to the pandemic can be a lot for our kids to comprehend and make them feel distressed.

At times of uneasiness, it is important to assure their safety to keep them enthusiastic even during this time. Not only would you offer a sense of support, but it would help them cope and adjust to the new norm of living that the world is slowly growing into. — (TGM)

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