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5 Small Habits To Put You In A Good Mood

Key Takeaway

Making yourself feel good and boosting your mood can start with small practices in your everyday routine.

Making yourself feel good and boosting your mood can start with small practices in your everyday routine.

You can compare your daily life to the tides of the ocean; It’s always different. You go through several ups and downs and experience distinct feelings and emotions. There are days when you’ll feel great as soon as the bright morning welcomes you, when you’ll have plenty of energy to finish your tasks productively. But you will also encounter moments where you’ll feel a little under the weather.

It’s normal for your moods to be inconsistent, and each day will present itself differently. How you take in the events and uncontrollable factors in your life can greatly affect your feelings and emotions.

What causes our mood changes?

The mood is part of your emotional rhythm, which is a little less intense than the typical emotions that you feel. What causes your mood and the changes that happen are events and experiences that trigger it.

Some factors that can affect your mood are as follow:

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Interactions with people around you

Mood, whether good or bad, may last for a while or stay around for a bit longer. Many things that also affect this are related to your lifestyle activities. In addition, there are also environmental factors that can also influence the changes in your emotional rhythm. These factors are the weather, quality of air, and environmental chemicals that can significantly stress your body and mind.

How can you monitor and manage your mood?

While things that affect your mood are out of your control, there are still ways for you to manage them. The first step is to take the time to get in touch with yourself and understand the waves of your emotions.

Being more aware of yourself can also help you make better lifestyle choices that affect your mood. Doing this can also identify triggers and learn ways to avoid and prevent them.

What small habits can you make to help boost your mood?

Taking the initiative to manage and understand the tides of your feelings is also a way for you to take care of yourself. With that, here are small practices and good habits that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle to help you boost and put you in a good mood.

1. Get your body moving

Many people know that exercise offers a lot of great benefits to one’s health. Aside from helping you improve your brain function, engaging in physical activity also improves your mental state.

Exercising allows your body to release endorphins, which helps and makes you feel good in an instant. You also don’t need to perform a rigorous routine for this. Even as simple as walking outside for twenty or thirty minutes will suffice.

It is also important to pick an activity you will enjoy, as this will help you shift and change your mood to a better one. Choose something that will help spark joy in you so you can relish the moment to the fullest.

Before you start exercising, whether it’s out of habit or to help avert your condition, make sure that you have a partner to help boost your energy. Here’s Berocca Orange that will help fuel your body with the proper nutrients and vitamins.

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Whether you go for a run, do sets of workouts, or simply stroll around your neighborhood, ensure you are always equipped with the right energy.

2. Spend time with your loved ones

Sometimes, allotting time to hang out with your loved ones is enough to uplift your mood and make you feel good already. Whether your idea of bonding is by having a lot of people over or just a few of your closest friends or family, there are many benefits that you can get from connecting to others.

Building and having human connections gives you a sense of belongingness. This also allows you to feel the care and support coming from your loved ones and help you build better self-esteem as well.

In addition, people tend to share stories that could make each other laugh whenever they are with their friends and family. As the famous saying goes, “laugher is the best medicine,” laughing has its own share of health benefits. Specifically, it helps you reduce feelings of stress, lightens up your mood, and makes you happier.

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3. Listen to your favorite tunes

Whether you’re at home doing chores, or getting some work done, once your favorite music starts playing in the background, your ears would perk up, and your feet would tap along with the song's beats. There is always feel good energy that you feel whenever you hear the tunes that you enjoy listening to. Your mood instantly lifts up, and suddenly, everything is well again.

To add more, music indeed has plenty of benefits. Not only do they help you change your mood and emotions, but it also allows you to relieve stress and tension in your body. Music can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve your focus and brain function. So turn that radio up or put on your favorite playlist and turn your day into a more cheerful one at just a drop of a beat.

4. Eat nutritious meals

Like how moving your body has significant benefits for your health, eating nutritious meals is no different. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake results in improved overall well-being. In addition, adding food rich in nutrients and vitamins can also help lower your stress levels and anxiety, which can greatly affect your mood for the day.

5. Get enough sleep

Out of everything else, sleep has the closest link to the status and shifts of your mood. You can often notice that lack of sleep usually results not feeling good in the morning. Having a full seven to eight hours of sleep usually makes your mornings better. Aside from disrupting your mood, poor sleep can also cause certain complications, such as anxiety, high-stress levels, and other mental health conditions.

Make sure that you have a consistent bedtime routine and schedule to help you get a quality sleep. Avoid taking caffeine close to your sleeping time and try to eliminate the use of gadgets at least 30 minutes before you enter dreamland.

While it’s sometimes easy to shrug off a bad mood and look for things that could distract you, it’s better to take the time to understand yourself. Doing this will help you manage your mood and emotions and lead you to create better lifestyle practices and daily habits that could also improve the quality of your life. — (TGM)

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