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Switch Up Your Breakfast Meal With These Healthy Alternatives

Wondering how to have a balanced and healthy diet? The Goodwill Market is one with you in planning and achieving your fitness goals! We rounded up a list of healthy alternatives you’ll love to try out.

Let's admit it: we all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although preparing a morning meal can often become a rushed or skipped activity may lead to unhealthy eating patterns. Sometimes, the most common foods we eat so we won't start the day on an empty stomach aren't even the healthiest options. It's essential to acknowledge that part of staying fit and healthy is to create simple habits you can stick with — one of them is eating a nutritious breakfast. Remember that having breakfast will always be an essential part of your morning ritual as it sets your mood for the day.

What are the benefits of eating breakfast?

  1. It sets you in a good mood

    What we do first thing in the morning typically sets our mood for the rest of the day. By positively eating a healthy breakfast, we learn to respect our bodies, take care of our health, and that we deserve to enjoy a good life.

  2. Boosts your brain and performance

    Refueling your body with breakfast can help boost your performance at work and school. Several studies have shown that children who eat breakfast are more creative and active, while adults have also performed better mentally and physically.

  3. Promotes heart health

    Breakfast and heart health go hand-in-hand. Eating a good breakfast is a great way to give your heart a boost to start off your day. When you skip breakfast, you make yourself more susceptible to conditions such as obesity and diabetes, leading to heart disease.

  4. Balances blood sugar levels

    Breakfast helps your body break down glucose better as it kickstarts your metabolism and gives you a head start to manage your blood sugar levels better.

  5. Helps you make better food choices

    Practicing the habit of eating breakfast every day will undoubtedly lead to mastery and exploration in the food you want to intake. Learning more about the food you eat helps you understand what's healthy, leading to making better food choices.

Healthy breakfast ideas you can try at home:

Planning a nutritious breakfast is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Elevate your morning routine with these healthy breakfast alternatives to boost your health and well-being.

  1. Brown Rice Drink

    Are you looking for a healthy alternative to slurp while doing your early morning workout routine? NutriBrownRice is an excellent choice to consider. This delicious instant brown rice beverage is filled with powerful nutrients to strengthen your body and boost your energy. The best part about NutriBrownRice is it's lactose-free, and it comes in different flavors you can choose from — Chocolate, Honey, Oat with Soy Lecithin, and Original.

  2. Colombian Coffee

    It's easy to pick up the same coffee you've been drinking for years, but if you're looking for a new blend to mix up, Chek Hup's Micro ground Colombian Coffee is a great deal to try out. This coffee blend gives the authentic taste of gourmet coffee that will surely brighten your day.

3. Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Pasta is often served for lunch or dinner, but it can also be a perfect alternative to fill in the morning. While cooking pasta can be a little time-consuming, there's no need to worry because preparing the sauce is made easier with Hida's authentic spices**.** Choose from Meat Bolognese, Chorizo Bolognese Tomato, Tomato, and Veggie Sauce that you can quickly whip up with your favorite vegetables, pasta, and parmesan cheese.

4. Gluten-Free Cookies

Gullón offers a wide range of sugar-free snacks ideal for those trying to reduce their sugar intake. If you want the perfect bite-sized treat without having to prepare anything, you simply have to try Gullón's Dark Chip Choco cookies. These gluten-free cookies are made with various seeds with a high oleic acid content, which replaces saturated fats in the diet.

5. Fruit Smoothies

A smoothie is such an exciting snack to make, especially if it's the first thing you'll do in the morning. After all, we all want something sweet and hearty to drink to freshen up our day. Smoothies are made up of yogurt, fruits, and protein powder, making them a great alternative breakfast dish. You can add multiple fruits such as mango, orange, apple, and more. The good thing about making your smoothies is no matter which fruit or vegetable you choose, you'll surely get a healthy serving of vitamins and minerals.

It's vital to recognize that your eating habits play a significant role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat can affect your well-being and risk for certain diseases. To maintain a balanced and healthy diet, you may need to change some of your breakfast meals.

How you start your day determines how the rest of it will go. So make sure to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast with a good mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to give your body the fuel it needs to seize the day. Planning your breakfast meals may take time, but the benefits you'll get will help you enjoy your life to the fullest. —(TGM).

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