Making a Memorable Christmas For Your Kids

Key Takeaway

We discuss why Christmas is a special season for kids and what parents can do to make sure their children enjoy the holidays despite the situation.

There's a particular reason why as we grow older, the more we long to go back to the simple days of being kids ourselves. Apart from the lack of severe responsibilities and financial worries, nothing can compare to Christmas memories from our childhood.

Houses seem to look brighter, piles of gifts look taller, and treats taste sweeter.

Christmas is made to captivate child-like wonder.

With children of your own, the duty of imparting these magical experiences now falls upon your shoulders. However, in your effort to make a memorable holiday, keep in mind that spoiling them with gifts won't be your one winning answer. Our memories stuck with us for so long, not because of the material presents we received but because of the meaningful moments and bonds made in between.

Even amid a widespread pandemic, the essence of the yuletide gay can still pierce through. Here are some ways you can save the holiday and let it be a timeless occasion your kids will want to remember.

Genuine acts from the heart

This season is a time for cheer and fun, but even more so, it's a special celebration to spread kindness all around. As you raise your children to be their own persons someday, ensure that at their core, they're selfless people who can be a source of lightness even in the toughest of times. Christmas is the perfect occasion to start.

Teach them how one helping hand can make all the difference to continue the chain of goodwill.

Instill the value of generosity as you make charitable acts together as a family. Gather clothes no longer in use, collect essential goods, or start a donation drive and bring the whole community together. When your child sees you initiating these types of activities, it grows in them. And who knows, they may even donate some of their toys on their own. In these special times, allow them to help children from different homes to experience the comforting warmth of December.

Form meaningful family bonds

Though physical togetherness takes a back seat this season, with family members spending Christmas overseas and grandparents safely cooped up in different houses, we can still keep the line of warm exchanges. Through greeting cards, thoughtful care packages, and video calls, show them the different ways of how one can express love for one another.

Show the power that a few kind words hold. Make real and meaningful conversations with them as they muse about their dreams. Fuel their inspiration and wonder with verbal encouragement. These would build the foundations of their genius down the line.

Gift them with memories to treasure

Material presents can be lost and torn apart over time but moments with the family decorating trees, gobbling up lola's holiday specialty, and waking up for Noche Buena last forever. Each Christmas is a new opportunity to make a fresh batch of memories that remind us that the greatest gifts we could ever ask for are the people around us.

And although you may have to do away with the time-honored traditions this year, you can simply make new ones to keep. Get cozy with your kids as you sip cups of Chek Hup's deliciously creamy hot chocolate while watching quintessential holiday movies. Or lay Gullon's sugar-free cookies for Santa as he arrives on Christmas Eve. Maybe Santa could appreciate some guilt-free sweets too.

Whether you're wrapping coils of tinsel on the banisters or hanging up a festive wreath on the front door, there are countless ways to show that the true meaning of Christmas doesn't lie in the decorations around, but in the simplicity of doing things together as a family. Welcome the season's good tidings into your homes and create a memorable holiday for your kids. —(TGM)

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