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Hygiene Check! Products To Keep Your Kids Safe and Protected

What excites your little ones? Some kids enjoy coloring, watching their favorite cartoon show, or even simply running around. For others, some chocolate biscuits make them smile endlessly. Consequently, most kids look forward to pastimes as they freely use their imagination and even dress up for their role play. That is why just seeing those smiles on their faces already makes your heart dance with joy.

But while you watch them play with their toys and jump in excitement, you also tend to wonder, 'how can I ensure that my little ones are safe and protected from various illnesses?' This is just one of the many questions that you might be pondering each day. But one thing is for sure, keeping a clean environment will minimize those worrying days and create better living spaces for the whole family to enjoy.

By now, you are probably asking, 'how do I start?' And that's okay because we'll be sharing six tips to help you effortlessly clean and disinfect your home.

1. Declutter constantly.

One of the many reasons you might feel that everything is all over the place is the numerous things you see in your house. So start by separating the items you think can be donated to those you would still be keeping. Through this, your home will not only look cleaner, but you will also be able to find those daily essentials easily. And before we jump to the next tip, don't forget to declutter constantly. Most of us would only do a massive cleaning once but creating a habit of decluttering twice a month will help you attain that peace of mind.

2. Create cleaning routines.

One way to see your house in order is by having a cleaning routine. But involving your little ones in the cleaning process would also help them become more responsible for their belongings. Letting them sort their toys in boxes at a particular time will enhance their organization skills and be more obedient in following house rules.

3. Regularly clean your hands.

The simplest way to stop germs from spreading from one place to another is by washing your hands. As a general rule, rubbing your hands together for at least 20 seconds should be done, or you can also sing 'Happy Birthday' twice with your kids to complete the hand washing process.

Moreover, try using some Softa-gel sanitizer. This 75% Isopropyl Alcohol will keep your hands thoroughly clean. Thus, creating a more protected surrounding for you and your family.

4. Do your laundry ahead of time.

Another hack to maintain your house free from clutter is to do your laundry. Doing laundry does not only involve you washing your clothes, but you should also change the sheets and comforters of your bed at least weekly. Through this, you get to eliminate those accumulated bacteria. More so, changing your clothes and having new sheets gives off that better feeling when you sleep at night.

5. Take a warm bath in the evening.

You probably have done many tasks throughout the day, and your little ones have enjoyed playing. But even though it is healthy to stay active the whole day, keeping your entire body clean is essential for maintaining a safeguarded household.

With that, make sure that your kids are hygiene approved with Suu Balm Kids Head to Toe Wash. This creamy and moisturizing product is known to be gentle on the skin as it has no parabens, preservatives, or perfumes.

And don't forget to also use Queray Baby Mild Shampoo. Having this not only helps clean your kids' hair and scalp but also ensures that it is tear-free and gentle to their eyes.

These simple steps are just a few ways for you to keep your whole family healthy and safe. We then suggest that you allow some time to look more into these health hacks. Also, remember to have your hygiene check regularly and work with your kids when cleaning the house. All in all, family moments will be more enjoyed when cleaner living spaces are made. Always stay safe and have fun as you start your cleaning journey. — (TGM)

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