Chinese New Year: A Message of Good Fortune for the TGM Community

Key Takeaway

From all of us here at the Goodwill Market, we wish you and your family happiness, longevity, and bountiful fortune!

New year signifies an exciting beginning for all of us. It’s a moment of positivity while looking forward to opportunities in the future. From all of us at the Goodwill Market, we wish you and your family the following:


This occasion is a celebration of family’s togetherness and unity. May all the members of your clan be filled with joy, your reunions be filled with delightful memories, and your gatherings create new happy moments to remember.


For a momentous celebration such as Chinese New Year, the highlight often goes to the dinner table filled to the edges with food of all fascinating flavors. Once you’re done partaking the rich, savory, and piquant flavors of the feast, perhaps you can balance it out with a healthy cup of coffee, lightly-sweetened biscuits, or the best alternative to carbohydrates?


To fend off bad luck, we adorn our houses with decorations that bear fiery red hues, wear clothes imbued with red, and give envelopes emblazoned with the characters for good luck. Following this tradition, may your household be filled with a bountiful fortune that brings unparalleled prosperity to you and your family.


The start of a new year is always a stellar reminder of time’s passage. Growing older means facing new challenges that relate to our health. To help you in this quest for longevity, we suggest checking out our roster of healthy alternatives to your favorite items.


Most of all, we sincerely wish that you find happiness not only when the family is feasting and fireworks are flying, but also during your every day. May you find contentment and joy for all the days of the coming year ahead. We wish you healthy, inspiring, and prosperous days ahead and the best for this Year of the Metal Rat. May all these wishes and yours come true. — (TGM)

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