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Rest Smarter with the Pomodoro Technique

You might have been feeling overwhelmed lately, especially with all the shuffling of responsibilities. Early mornings may call for house chores. Meanwhile, the afternoons are allotted for online work meetings. And don't forget those late-night movie marathons with the whole family. This kind of daily routine is then familiar to most of us.

That is why it is becoming a common notion nowadays to have our preferred work technique. And for most of us, incorporating short breaks in between tasks is done. These so-called breathers are used to pamper ourselves, grab a drink or a snack, or even browse online. One method that you might already be unconsciously practicing is the Pomodoro method. One can further their productivity with this hack as it is done by individuals who want to maximize their work hours but also value taking strategic breaks.

What is the Pomodoro method?

Francesco Cirillo is the man behind the Pomodoro method. The term was coined when Cirillo found a Pomodoro-shaped kitchen timer and used it to help him focus on his tasks. To start this technique, one would need to have their to-do list, set the 25-minute timer, and focus on a single task. Once the timer is up, you get to pause for five minutes. But if you did four Pomodoro cycles already, you can take longer rests for about 15-30 minutes.

By following this easy-to-do technique, you get to finish a goal with the given time and reward yourself with a pause. With that, you become more efficient while preventing the state of burnout. In line with this, brainstorming sessions can generate fresher ideas as you work on a time limit. The Pomodoro method even gets you to focus on the now, especially when all distractions are removed.

But what kind of strategic breaks should you do? Check out these recommendations, and let us know which one you would most likely do! Note that even the simplest of activities matter during these five-minute breaks.

Be in a mindful state with yoga.

One way to start anew is through mindfulness. We often overlook the importance of having peace in our minds. However, adding value to this is necessary for you to be calm. Moreover, allowing yourself to do this spiritual practice may improve your balance and flexibility.

Besides, going outdoors to get some fresh air and appreciate nature is a therapeutic exercise to look forward to every day. So consider yoga as a good pause because even for just a few minutes, you will be able to get that body stretch you need.

Organize your workspace.

Keeping your desk organized is like clearing your mind. When you work in a clean environment, you also become focused on what you need to do. Thus, resulting in getting more tasks done.

More so, these tiny changes give off that new and exciting feeling to go back to your desk and finish what you have started. Having an organized workspace also enables you to have a harmonious way of managing your daily commitments. Therefore, giving you the productivity boost you need.

Indulge with some comfort food.

Preparing your comfort meal at home is both satisfying and a good source of energy. These snacks can be some homemade crackers paired with an energy drink. And speaking of tasty crackers, one can never go wrong with Gullón Mini Mix and Gullón No Added Sugar Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit. These go-to snacks are both adored by kids and adults as they contain a variety of healthy ingredients. Thus, making snack time guilt-free and genuinely satisfying.

Having some of these light snacks beside you may truly be a factor in keeping that on-the-go spirit when doing these responsibilities.

Take a relaxing nap.

One of the effective ways to achieve a restful day is by taking some power naps. Naps, which are known for putting our minds and bodies at ease, are also considered to heighten alertness and freshen up our thoughts.

Before you take a power nap, use some clinically proven pain relief patches like Salonpas, as it may be a way for you to ease your body stress. The effect of Salonpas can last up to 12 hours, making your workdays free from minor aches and muscle pains. Therefore, allowing you to make incredible progress towards achieving your goals.

You can also opt to take Saridon as hours of screen time is unavoidable, especially with this online set-up. This triple-action tablet is not only a good remedy for mild to severe headaches but also contains caffeine and works in 15 minutes. Thus, reducing any symptoms of fever and helping you excel.

Catch up with your friends and family.

Catching up with your loved ones and updating each other is one simple yet memorable way to spread positivity during these times. Even for a brief moment, you can also share the joy and put a smile on someone's face just by greeting them during your breaks. More so, asking how they are may give the reassurance that someone is looking out for them. So try to be the happy pill that someone needs today.

Remind yourself to take these strategic breaks. You might even realize how an effortless productivity hack can elevate your lifestyle. Also, don't forget to appreciate the now of life and enjoy everything you do, whether work-related or not. With that, may your kind of breather help you to be efficient every day. After all, a short break may just be the right jumpstart you need today. — (TGM)

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