Filipino Food Favorites to Try Out This Christmas

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In this article, we tackle the Filipino Christmas tradition and how you can recreate old practices to have a merry holiday celebration with your family.

Christmas is one of the most-awaited occasions in many parts of the world. It is when we get to take a break and spend time with our loved onces. Many of us also follow the practice of gift-giving, even going as far as playing “Secret Santa” to make the celebration more entertaining for everyone.

Apart from this, each country has its own distinct Christmas traditions. For instance, Germany celebrates Saint Nicholas Day in December, while Colombia has Little Candles’ Day, which marks the beginning of their Christmas season.

Just like these countries, we also have our fair share of traditions and practices that we do in the Philippines, such as:

  • Starting the Christmas season at the beginning of September

  • Hanging up “parol” or lanterns on posts and;

  • Caroling in front of the houses with our homemade and improvised instruments.

These are just some things that we do that make the Christmas season special and unique for us Filipinos. In addition, Christmas also means being with our families and spending time with them for us Filipinos. The more we feel the festive atmosphere around us, the more we come together and celebrate a merry holiday.

And to make this coming Christmas more memorable for you, we have listed some practices that you can do in light of the holidays. With products from Duru Bulgur, Chek Hup Kokoo, and Gullón, we are here to give you some ideas on how you can recreate Filipino Food traditions with your loved ones.

In addition, these products are made to complement a healthy lifestyle. Duru Bulgur makes for a great source of carbohydrates which is also low in calories. Chek Hup Kokoo provides a low glycemic index to regulate your blood sugar. And Gullón provides healthy and sugar-free snacks that you can enjoy without guilt.

With that, here are the local food favorites which you can recreate on Christmas day and enjoy with your loved ones.

Making Bulgur Champorado for Breakfast

There is nothing more perfect than to start your day with a hot bowl of sweet porridge on a chilly morning during this Christmas season. Champorado, a lovely chocolate porridge, is a classic Pinoy favorite. It is paired with milk and dried fish which Filipinos enjoy. A fresh bowl of this local favorite will surely bring you to the good old days of your childhood.

And to bring the best out of this experience, try making your champorado with the classic and old-fashioned bulgur. It will not only drive you back to the old days, but bulgur champorado also makes for a healthy alternative to this favorite dish.

To make this dish, you can click on this article and follow the recipe and instructions listed there on making a Bulgur Champorado.

Sip a cup of hot chocolate on Christmas Morning

Spend a relaxing Christmas morning by having a cup of hot chocolate with your loved ones. In an old-fashioned way, you would have called this tsokolate de batirol and mixed it with a wooden tool called “batirol.” It is a unique and traditional way Filipinos make their chocolate drink before.

While it’ll be fun to experience and make your chocolate drinks with the use of “batirol,” not everyone may have access to having it. But worry no more because Chek Hup Kokoo is here to make your mornings sweeter for you.

Chek Hup Kokoo comes in two varieties, namely: Chocolate and Hazelnut. Both are naturally creamy and sweet, and it also has a low GI or low glycemic sugar, which helps balance your blood sugar level.

Enjoy a sweeter Christmas with sugar-free snacks

Growing up, one of the snacks you’ve probably enjoyed having is the Maria biscuits. The old Maria biscuits are known for having ornate designs embossed on the top surface of each cracker. In addition, Maria biscuits are light and creamy, which makes for a great snack for kids, and even kids at heart.

And worry no more because you can quickly walk down memory lane and enjoy the good old Maria Biscuits with Gullón. And to make things better, Gullón’s Maria Biscuits are sugar-free, making for a healthy snack alternative for everyone.

Make your Christmas day snack time even special with your family by trying out other Gullón’s sugar-free crackers. We recommend their Chocolate Chip biscuits for another classic yet delicious snack and No Added Sugar Chocolate Sandwich biscuit for something fun and different.

You can try having these snacks along with Chek Hup’s Kokoo and have a wonderful Christmas day and bonding time with your loved ones.

This coming Christmas, let’s take the time to celebrate with our loved ones and be grateful for all the blessings that we have received amid this challenging period. We hope that this year’s holiday season will be brighter and full of joy for you and your family. From The Goodwill Market, we wish all of you a pleasant and happy holiday. — (TGM)

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