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Expressing Your Love to Someone in 5 Heartfelt Ways

Key Takeaway

Learn how you can cater to your loved ones' desires and make them feel loved in various ways.

Learn how you can cater to your loved ones' desires and make them feel loved in various ways.

Picture this. Your best friend's birthday is around the corner, and you have painstakingly bought some quirky socks, imagining her laughter when she opens the box. But when the moment arrives, the expected gasp of joy is replaced by a polite smile and an awkward “thank you”. She appreciates your gift, of course, but there's a tiny shadow of disappointment that leaves you wondering, “where did I go wrong?”

Now, rewind the tape and consider this alternative: instead of the socks, you dedicated an entire day to her, doing things she loves, making her feel special. Her joy is palpable then, a thousand suns couldn't match the glow on her face. Does it sound more like your best friend? If so, you've just cracked her love language ⏤quality time over receiving gifts.

Understanding the love languages of our friends and family isn't just about avoiding gift-giving entirely. It's about truly acknowledging their needs and letting them know how deeply we care.

This profound empathy, this ability to 'speak' their love language, can add a delightful richness to our relationships, transforming them from good to extraordinary.

Unlocking the power of love languages

Letting your close friends and family know that you love them doesn’t always have to be through grand gestures. Even small acts are enough as long as it matches and resonates with the person’s preference of receiving affection.

And that is why it’s vital to have a deeper understanding of their love language. By learning how they want to receive and give love, you can personalize how you make each person feel special.

What are the five love languages?

The framework of love languages aims to help people convey and receive "love" through different means and expressions. This idea recognizes that everyone has their personal preference when it comes to showing and giving love.

The five types of love languages are:

  1. Gift-giving
  2. Words of affirmation
  3. Acts of service
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

Understanding how to cater to each language will remarkably improve how you nurture your relationships with other people.

How to show love to your family and loved ones

Need some ideas how to match their love language? Here are some simple things you can do that will mean like the world to your friends and family.

1. Leave thoughtful notes and messages

Most times, less is indeed more. The more we do small yet thoughtful things, the more they weigh and mean more to our loved ones. If you have family and friends whose love language is words of affirmation, this is also a perfect thing to do for them.

Write a short note for them and leave it on their items or place it somewhere in the house where they would spot it. Or you can also randomly send them a message to brighten their day. You can write affirming words or something to make them laugh and smile.

2. Do something for them

Doing things for others is a gesture that can also be referred to as the acts of service. You can also impact their happiness by taking the initiative to do something for someone you care about. Whether it’s helping around with tasks, household chores, or errands, helping them creates and brings a sense of peace in their lives.

One simple act of service that you can do to any of your loved ones is by preparing their favorite Chek Hup drink. If they’re in a middle of a hectic day, they will certainly appreciate having their Chek Hup Hokkaido Milk Latte made for them already. You can also surprise them even on normal days when they can perfectly make their drink on their own. Doing this would surely warm their heart and fill them with happiness.

3. Spend and have quality time together

As we get lost in the routine of our daily lives, time has become a precious thing that many people crave. When we intentionally make time for things and people that matter to us, this impacts those who will receive the gesture. Whether it’s a planned time outside, a leisurely walk, or even as simple as sitting down for a good conversation, giving your loved ones your undivided attention allows you to build stronger bonds with them.

So if you haven’t had the chance to spend time with any of your family or friends, you can start by asking them to sit down with you and just talk. Make it more special by adding Gullón’s Mega Dueto Cookies, so you can munch on something sweet as you catch up on each others’ lives.

4. Surprise and give them gifts

One beautiful way you can express affection is by giving gifts. Regardless of the type of gift that you will provide, the mere act of selecting something for them can instantly bring immense happiness. Gift-giving shows that you have taken your time to understand their preferences. This gesture brings delight to the receiver and gives them a sense of appreciation and gratitude to the giver.

You can surprise them by getting the Avène Essential Starter Kit or if they have a specific Avène product that they like and use a lot. Gift them a whole skincare set by adding Suu Balm Body Wash in the surprise.

5. Let them know you have their back

Sometimes, the mere fact that you stick by your loved ones’ sides is enough to express your affection to them. Make them feel that even through ups and downs, you will be there to support, listen, and offer words or advice that you know would comfort them. These are small gestures that you can easily do at any time, allowing you to show your sincere love.

It’s important to know that showing love does not solely depend on grand displays. The true essence of love lies in the sincerity behind one’s actions. Even though small gestures or various ways are not extravagant, the key is always to approach any expressions of love with genuine intentions. — (TGM)

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