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Gourmet Coffee for the Everyday Drinker

Key Takeaway

True coffee lovers know that if there’s anything that changes as fast as our mood, it’s our cup of coffee.

True coffee lovers know that if there’s anything that changes as fast as our mood, it’s our cup of coffee. On meet-ups and get-togethers, you’re indulging a gourmet blend. On other days at your desk, you’re sipping 3-in-1.

Your cup depends on why you’re drinking it. Gourmet coffee is indeed expensive, which explains why we tend to reserve if for meaningful days. But what if you can enjoy specialty coffee as part of your daily routine? With Chek Hup’s new Colombian gourmet coffee series, you’ll find yourself starting your mornings with excellent, premium coffee for less.

Separating gourmet coffee from the rest

Every component in coffee matters—the taste, roast, aroma, and acidity level. When we speak of gourmet coffee, we refer to high-quality beans that offer unique flavor notes from an origin. Much effort is poured into ensuring the consistency and precision of every step of the coffee-making process. With the effort it takes to perfect the blend and flavor, it comes as no surprise that buying gourmet coffee means shelling out a few more than you usually would.

Colombian coffee beans are known as one of the best around the world for its distinct quality and taste. This is a result of Colombia having the perfect geography to produce beans, given that coffee is a sensitive crop that grows only in the right environmental conditions. Colombia focuses its production on creating the ideal blend of robusta and arabica, the two types of coffee beans.

Making gourmet coffee more accessible and affordable

Malaysian Coffee brand, Chek Hup launched its own Colombian coffee series—a range of gourmet instant coffee made from premium Colombian micro-ground beans. This brew offers the creamy, full-bodied blend of an authentic gourmet coffee experience. With its unmistakable quality, this drink perfectly captures the taste of Colombian coffee. Expect a sweeter, lighter taste with less caffeine, and stronger acidic notes from Chek Hup’s new coffee range.

Chek Hup’s Colombian Gourmet Coffee series offers three variants: Colombian Mocha, Colombian Latte, and Colombian Cappuccino. In addition to its luxurious flavor, these blends are enhanced by Chek Hup’s low GI (Glycemic Index) rock sugar sticks. The sugar is packed separately, so you can mix according to your sweetness preference.

If you need a gourmet coffee fix, try this new line of affordable indulgent cups. Much like their other coffee offers, Chek Hup stays true to their commitment to producing healthy, delicious coffee by choosing only quality, all-natural ingredients. — (TGM)

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