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Having meals with our family serves as another way for us to bond together. It opens up the opportunity for us to create more memories that we can treasure for the long run. Apart from that, it also serves as the time where we learn more from one another. Being at the table together can become a great time to share stories and experiences and simply be present at the moment with each other.

While family mealtimes are fun and fulfilling, many factors come in the way that hinders us from doing it consistently. Things such as work, school, relationships, and even attending to the other needs of the family keep us busy for the most part.

Due to this, preparing meals and having worry-free mealtimes with our loved ones has been placed on the back burner. Instead, we choose to attend to other things that we deem more important before turning to our family and giving them our time and attention.

In addition, with the busy lives that many of us have and maintain, coming up with meal ideas to keep mealtimes fun and exciting can be a challenge. Still, despite these reasons that come our way, we must bear in mind that our family comes first and above anything. While finishing tasks is essential, maintaining our relationship with our family is more vital.

Benefits of sharing meals with our family

Family meals influence good nutrition. Not only do you have control over the content of your meals at home, but kids are also less likely to develop a habit of being picky with their food. It also sets and teaches them to maintain good behavior and attitude that is vital for their growth.

It also serves as a chance to strengthen our ties with our family. The belongingness that we build with them caters to the betterment of one’s mental and emotional wellness and can even boost self-esteem. It also helps create a happy environment within our home that also affects our well-being.

While our busy schedule and loads of tasks can get in our way of attending to our family, DygenFoodTV has come to help us lessen our worries. Level up your cooking and prepare meals that are not only delicious but also healthy that will help keep your family excited over mealtimes!

Home cooking made easy

DygenFoodTV recently launched this May 2021 on YouTube. This channel released follow-along cooking videos hosted and led by Chef RJ Ramos of Lámpara Neo-Filipino Bistro. He has taken on family-friendly dishes like Chicken Bringhe, Hainanese Chicken, and Truffle pasta and gave each of them a healthier twist.

Through the videos, ingredients are also clearly given and listed out, and a concise demonstration of the cooking process is shown. It is a perfect guide and partner that can help lessen the parents' worries, especially those who seem like they couldn’t catch a break from their busy lives.

To keep everything organized, we recommend planning your meals and preparing what you need over the weekend. It is to help minimize the work you need to exert on top of the other things you need to attend. Plus, there’s no harm in coming in prepared for the week! You can quickly go through the channel and pick a dish that you would like to prepare for your family.

With DygenFoodTV, home cooking is made easy. And through it, we hope it can help you build ways to establish healthy mealtime routines with your family.

With the pile of things that we need to finish, we sometimes overlook the importance of being really at home and present for our family. Above anything else, the family should always come first. While we get busy almost all the time of the day because of work and school, let’s make it a point to save mealtimes as a time to bond and simply be together. — (TGM)

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