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In a time of clean eating and wholesome living, we are always on the search for healthier meals. While we have an abundance of alternatives to everyday sinful food items, the world is filled with a variety of delectable products that promote our want for a better lifestyle.

At the Goodwill Market, we believe in giving everyone access to premium, high-quality food items. Every day, you have a chance to live and eat better with the better choices we curated from around the world.

All-natural indulgent coffee from Malaysia

Coffee is part of our everyday routine, but the effects of caffeine might not always be the best. In our search for healthier choices, we found an all-natural cup of coffee that delivers the same enjoyable taste.

From Malaysia’s influential coffee culture comes a rich and indulgent coffee brand, ChekHup. Each blend is made from hand-picked coffee beans roasted to an optimal level with no artificial flavoring. Instead of white sugar, ChekHup draws their palate from a unique and potent ingredient: premium rock sugar.

With the most wholesome ingredients paired with the finest coffee beans, each sip of ChekHup will surely leave coffee drinkers asking for more.

Whole-grain bulgur from Turkey

No meal is complete without rice. But if you’re on the hunt for a more wholesome grain, here’s a healthier substitute to your usual carb.

Hailing from the Mediterranean and the Middle East is a Turkish specialty that makes a wholesome alternative to white rice and other grains. In addition to its delightfully nutty flavor, Duru Bulgur is a high-fiber whole-grain that’s rich in B1 Vitamins. The brand’s grains go through a unique milling process, one that has been present in Turkey for many years, to help preserve its nutrients.

From its humble beginnings as an “ancient grain,” Duru Bulgur is now a healthy staple of the modern household.

Sugar-free snacks from Spain

Snacks help keep you full and satisfied throughout a long day of work. To boost your productivity, we bring you healthy, sugar-free bites that you can enjoy any time of the day.

From no other than the company that first introduced biscuits to Spain, Gullón offers a full range of tasty treats that are guilt-free. Using high-quality oil to achieve a pleasant appearance and texture, snacks from Gullón are delectable while free from lactose, fructose, and sucrose. The brand’s commitment to reimagining the usual sinful bites is etched in every product they create.

Gullón holds the finest, wholesome treats—perfect for the conscious consumer’s healthy snacking.

Brown rice beverage from Malaysia

Brown rice is an enjoyable, healthy alternative to your usual grains. But admittedly, its rough texture and flavor are not for everyone.

With this in mind, NutriBrownRice offers a convenient and smoother way to enjoy this superfood—an instant brown rice beverage. Flash pasteurization technology from Malaysia has helped transform this wholesome grain into a delicious drink while successfully retaining its vitamins and minerals. Packed with micronutrients, a cup of NutriBrownRice offers all-around nutrition that most of us lack.

Whether you’re on-the-go or only looking for a drink to complement your healthy plate, enjoying a cup of NutriBrownRice is an excellent way to fill yourself for a day.

Trying something new is the best way to live, and what better way to enjoy different dishes from around the globe than by searching for healthier alternatives to our usual meals. Every culture has a distinctive approach to clean dieting—all the more exciting it is to see how our favorite treats are given a more wholesome twist. — (TGM)


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