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The Perfect Breakfast

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we establish a compelling case for eating a hearty breakfast and how you can whip up a nourishing meal in just a few seconds with a warm cup of NutriBrownRice

The prevalence of starvation diets and fast-paced lifestyles are quickly making breakfast a thing of the past. Those who only give themselves eight hours to eat can’t seem to be bothered with breaking the fast. They opt for more substantial meals later in the day. Especially if you need to be at work by 9 AM, who has time to fire off the stove and throw some eggs on the fryer?

While skipping your first meal of the day is easily becoming a trend, there are plenty of compelling reasons to continue breaking the fast. Research has shown that consuming nourishing high-fiber food in the morning will decrease the allure of cravings for the rest of the day. Also, those who eat in the morning tend to refrain from binge eating on lunch breaks and dinners. Because these breakfast aficionados control their cravings, their risk for diabetes is lower, and their tummies are a little more in control compared to their breakfast-skipping habits.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of breaking the fast is the positive effect it has on your mental well-being. If you eat a filling meal to start the day, you’ll notice increase in alertness and concentration. Not surprisingly, you’ll also find betterment in mood, and decrease in stress levels, if your stomach isn’t grumbling.

If you are skipping the first meal of the day because of your busy schedule, look no further.

Just grab a pack of NutriBrownRice®, pour its contents in a steaming mug of hot water, and enjoy a nourishing meal.

Starting your day with a cup of NutriBrownRice® is an eye-opener about the value of perfect nutrition. It’s made with the ultimate combination of nature’s best brown rice — together with a variety of lip-smacking flavors of oat, honey, and chocolate. Since it comes in a sugar-free variant, you can enjoy even if you are abiding by a strict diet. Another reason to give this a try? One pack of NutriBrownRice® gives you up to 42% of your daily whole grain requirement.

As a testament to the goodness of this product, the Singapore Health Promotion Board endorsed NutriBrownRice® as a healthy choice for its discerning consumers. The Singapore government cited 5 critical factors for its decision:

  • Lower in sugar
  • Lower in saturated fat
  • Lower in sodium
  • Free from Trans fat
  • Higher in whole grains

Moreover, Abrand, the company that makes NutriBrownRice®, possesses certifications that vouch for NutriBrownRice®’s superior quality. These are:

  • Halal-certified
  • ISO99000
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

For those who are still ardent believers of the importance of breakfast, there are still many reasons to find the time to eat. While breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day for some, it is still a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true when you do your most important work in the morning. To give yourself the best start to your day, all you need is a cup, a spoon, hot water, and a pack of NutriBrownRice® in hand. — (TGM)

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