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Remember These Summer Activities From Your Childhood?

Do you remember the excitement you had when you were a kid once the clock finally ticked past noon? Or when you woke up from your afternoon nap and saw that the sun was only hours away from setting down? When it was finally time to head out of your house, meet your friends, and play until the night embraced the sky? If you do, you are probably a certified 90s kid.

Going outside while the sun brightly shines and actively playing with your friends was the norm during the 90s. Apart from this, you might have easily found enjoyment through the most mundane things like rocks and rubber bands. It was easy to turn anything that you could find into a toy that you could play with.

However, as time passed, this practice among kids has drastically changed. While you actively go out and hang out with your friends as your leisure time as a kid, your children may be spending more of their time indoors, entertaining themselves with their gadgets instead.

Though it is great that they find joy in using the new technology, it can be helpful if they learn how to spend their play or leisure time by going outside and playing with their peers or family members.

You can encourage your kids to do activities that doesn't involve any use of gadgets. You may revisit some of your favorite childhood games and introduce them to your kids so they would have a variety of choices of activities.

So with that, let's take a trip down memory lane and rediscover some of the games you enjoyed in your childhood.

1. Jackstone

Do you remember getting all excited when you managed to get all of the jacks in one sweeping motion and successfully caught the ball after? Or the time where you countlessly made sure that your jacks were complete whenever you were about to start or even finished playing?

If you still feel a sense of satisfaction with the simple thought of playing this game, you and your kids may enjoy playing jackstone together!

Jackstone is a traditional game that is convenient and can easily be played indoors. You can play this in the living room or your bedroom, as long as you have enough floor space to sit and play on.

Usually, around two to three people play jackstone together. But if you have more people in your family, that would surely turn this simple game into something grand and exciting.

Jackstone is also a highly interactive game that would keep your kids invested and eager to try and take a win. Make a bet with your kids and challenge each other to keep the game interesting and exciting!

2. Piko

Playing piko means searching for the perfect pamato and using stones as make-shift chalks to draw the diagram pattern that you will be hopping and skipping on the concrete ground. It also means being outside with your friends and playing on the street for the entirety of the afternoon.

Piko or hopscotch is one of the popular street games in the country, especially during the 80s and 90s. It is engaging and highly interactive, which makes for a perfect activity or game to do with your kids in your garage.

Playing this is not physically demanding, but it is enough to keep you and your kids up and in motion. With the hopping and skipping involved, your kids may find the game challenging or tricky, but encourage them to go on until they finally get the hang of playing it. The goal is to let them master the game and beat you at it eventually!

3. Tagu-taguan

This game is all about wits and creativity, making sure that you find a spot where the seeker won’t easily find you. It means exploring every part, space, and place that you could fit yourself in to make sure that you will not lose the game right away.

Tagu-taguan or hide and seek is a widely known game among all kids, from the 90s even today. It is a classic and timeless game that rose to popularity because children greatly enjoyed it.

The game consists of the hiders and a seeker, and if you have enough members in your family to play, this will surely make for a perfect bonding time activity. It can be played in any environment, even in your own home.

Playing this will also help you and your kids develop your mental flexibility, working memory, and self-control. The joy of finding something or being found in the game sparks happiness, which may help regulate your kids' mood and make them enjoy the game to the fullest.

As you gather your family together to revisit and try some of your favorite childhood activities, you may feel the need to keep up with your kids, who are more active and energetic. Likely, with the years that had passed, your level of energy may not be the same as when you were playing these activities as a kid before.

To ensure that you can keep up with your family and kids during your playtime, you can energize yourself with Berocca beforehand. If you are experiencing joint pains, Recogen will help you relieve them and ensure that you are ready to get active, just like during your childhood days.

As you walk down memory lane and recall the activities that you enjoyed once during your childhood, we hope that your kids will find the same enthusiasm that you had before with these games. Not only are you introducing games to play, but you are also opening them to more physical and intellectual growth. Take this time to bond and create memories with your family that you can all treasure for the long run. — (TGM)

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