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The Anatomy of a Perfect Indoor Picnic

The summer season has already passed, and the humid air has made way for cool and refreshing breezes of the upcoming rainy season. The sky is bright and clear that makes for a perfect time to go out and enjoy a picnic with your family and simply have fun and a good time together.

But now that outdoor access has been recently limited for everyone, and being at home is the best practice that can be exercised at this time to keep everyone safe and healthy.

While it is not easy to achieve a fun outdoor bonding at this moment, it is still possible to feel the same sense of joy in the own comforts of your home. Simply being with your family brings immense warmth and happiness that stands greater than anything else.

With that, we’ve made a simple guide with three main points on how you can plan and achieve a perfect indoor picnic for a fun and safe bonding time with your family!

I. Mood

When you think of going out on a picnic, you immediately think of sitting on your blanket laid out on the grass while enjoying the cool breeze of the day, the good food, and the company of your loved ones.

While it’ll be nice to experience all these in person, this unusual time today has hindered everyone from enjoying any outdoor activity in the meantime. However, you can find ways to mimic these feelings and atmosphere even in your own home. In addition to this, the added convenience of not needing to go out and bring a lot of things with you adds some points to this experience!

Here are three things to pay attention that will help you set the right mood for your indoor picnic:

a. The perfect spot

Finding the perfect spot within your home is the key. We recommend making use of your garage, backyard, or terrace, whichever you have that gives you outdoor access without leaving the confines of your home. If not, finding a place inside of your house will do as well. Just make sure it’s comfortable for everyone!

b. The blanket

Next is getting a blanket to lie and sit on. Make sure it’s big and wide enough to accommodate all members of your family. And since you’re within your home, maybe add in some throw pillow for the extra addition of comfort in your little picnic setup!

c. The picnic basket

And what is a picnic without its iconic basket? If you have one, it will be a good idea to add it to your little place to sum up the whole atmosphere of having a typical outdoor picnic even if you’re in the confines and safety of your home.

Make the most of what you have at home to set up the perfect picnic place that would give you the same boost of happiness and energy, just like how an outdoor picnic would make you feel.

II. Food

Apart from the atmosphere that gives you the full picnic experience, another main point to keep in mind is the food that you will prepare for everyone to enjoy and munch on.

Whether your family likes having something savory or prefers having tons of snacks as their picnic food, make sure that you bring out their favorites to keep everyone excited and joyful over your little bonding time together.

In addition to this, the advantage of having an indoor picnic means that you can simply go through your pantry or kitchen and easily prepare anything that your family wants to have. Plus points for convenience once again!

Other than your family’s own favorites, we have a few suggestions that your loved ones may like to have while spending time together on your picnic nook.

a. For the little kids

If you have kids who love snacking, we suggest trying Gullón Mini Mix crackers paired with a NutriBrownRice variant that they like. These two make up for the ideal snack combo, with the savory flavors of the Mini Mix crackers and the sweet and healthy dietary components of NutriBrownRice together.

b. For the grown ups

For the adults in the family, we recommend making an iced coffee with Chek Hup Coffee Brown. It’s perfect to accompany the cool weather and windy breeze of the new season and for a full refreshment picnic feeling.

III. Activities

A picnic wouldn’t be complete without some games or activities to enjoy and will get your bodies moving. However, having an indoor picnic limits the movements that you and your family can do due to the absence of the vast outdoor space.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can skip the fun of playing together after enjoying your meals. You can do simple activities that won’t require any of you to get up from your blanket. Here are some activity ideas that you can do for your indoor picnic!

a. Play board games

If your family wants some challenge, playing board games together is always a good idea. You can make bets to keep it extra fun and to channel your inner competitiveness against each other.

b. Read a book or story-tell

If you all want to cherish the warmth and atmosphere brought by the late afternoon, you can have some downtime and maybe read a book together. If you have little kids, you can turn it into a storytelling time to keep them entertained.

c. Talk and share stories

If not, you can also keep the quiet time and simply share stories with one another. You can have your little kids take over and let them fascinate you with their talking and fun experiences or stories that they want to share.

Going outside, taking in some fresh and new air, and witnessing different sceneries from time to time have been the usual go-to of many families as a bonding time. However, the new normal has limited everyone’s movements and options to keep the safety of all.

Still, this shouldn’t hinder you and anyone from making the most of what you can do to have the best time with your loved ones. Not only will you create more memories to treasure in the future, but you will also ensure your family’s safety by staying in the comforts of your home together. — (TGM)

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