Living a Full and Long-Life with NutriBrownRice®

Key Takeaway

Chinese New Year is a celebration of long life and longevity. In this article, we share how NutriBrownRice® can help you turn this aspiration into a reality.

Every time we celebrate the dawn of a New Year, we can’t help but reflect on the decisions that led up to this moment. Did I accomplish the goals that I set for myself last year? For most of us, that usually refers to the resolution of living a healthier life.

Research finds that the ideal way to achieve longevity is to maintain a healthy body weight. Indulging on a fine feast is acceptable for celebrating Chinese New Year, but partaking of excessive food even on regular days means you’ll quickly rack up the calories. If left unchecked, one’s weight can exceed what is generally considered to be healthy and lead to obesity. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that being overweight and obese can lead to a “number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.”

That said, the best time to take action is now. At first, the idea of shunning unhealthy habits and embracing healthy ones seems like an easy task. After all, taking care of yourself should be the number one priority, right? But then real life sets in: stressing from work, prioritizing the needs of the family, finding time for extra-curricular activities, and so on. Amid these challenges, we often forego our needs for those who rely on us. Before we know it, a year has passed, and a resolution stayed unfulfilled.

A mount of evidence suggests that you have better odds of keeping your resolution if you make it small and actionable. Instead of saying, “I will X amount of pounds!” you can say “I will swap one full meal with a healthy substitute!”

This New Year, let NutriBrownRice® help you accomplish your goal of living a long and full life.


Taken from its name, NutriBrownRice® is a brown rice instant beverage that’s packed with natural vitamins and minerals you need to have a productive day. Most importantly, it contains natural micronutrients that we don’t usually get from most food, such as Manganese, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Iron, and B Vitamins. So by simply substituting one meal with a cup of NutriBrownRice®, you get to lessen your food intake and increase your diet of healthy food.


Even with a demanding schedule, you can enjoy this healthy meal in an instant by just mixing it with hot water. To make such an astonishing feat possible, NutriBrownRice® invested in high-tech manufacturing processes from the United States. This breakthrough enabled the company to transform the rough texture of brown rice into an ultra-smooth instant powder that’s easier to eat and enjoy. In spite of this significant change, the brown rice powder does not lose any of its healthy components.


With a wide variety of flavors, you can enjoy a cup of NutriBrownRice® every day. You can choose what’s best for you:

If you are a fan of the naturally nutty taste of brown rice, you can try The Original flavor for the best possible experience.

If you want something a bit more filling possibly in preparation for a busy workday ahead, we recommend Oat with Soy Lecithin. The oat flakes that come with this variant are non-GMO, so you get a satisfyingly chewy texture that’ll keep you fuller for longer.

If you are craving for a quick snack that reminds you of Champorado, the Chocolate variant will surely make your day. The natural goodness of brown rice is bathed with a low sugar chocolate mixture, so you can meet your diet goal while enjoying a sweet treat.

If you desire something light yet flavorful, the Honey variant is your ideal companion. Honey sachets are packed separately so you can adjust the sweetness of your NutriBrownRice® meal to your perfect taste level. It also helps that honey has natural antibiotic properties, so it is great during cold and flu seasons.

If you are following a low sugar diet, then the No Sugar Added variant is for you. This mild and delicious flavor contains inulin, which promotes healthy digestion.

Improving our health for the better is a resolution that all of us should strive to make. For this Year of the Rat, let’s welcome the New Year with a promise to do what’s right for our body. With NutriBrownRice®, the goal of a healthy life is always within reach. — (TGM)

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