Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones for 2021

The holiday is all about celebrations and gift-giving. We gather with our loved ones and celebrate over good food and give out presents that we picked out for each of them. We look forward to holidays and getting together with our families to have a warm celebration together through these practices.

And to make this holiday season more special, we have curated five different and unique gift packages for you. We want to help you have a merry holiday and make things convenient for you. So make your loved ones smile and choose among these five gift packages to give out to them.

Better Bundle Deals

Let’s celebrate this season with better bundle deals. Here are five different gift packages that will suit your evolving lifestyle to make your holidays joyful and exciting.

The Holiday Flavors Pack

If you know someone who loves preparing meals and cooking for their loved ones, then this Flavors Pack bundle will bring a flavorful holiday to them. It contains bottles of Umbria and different Hida varieties, namely:

  • 1 bottle Hida Bolognese Sauce
  • 1 bottles Hida Meat Bolognese Sauce
  • 1 bottles Hida Chorizo Bolognese, and;
  • 1 bottle Umbria Original Truffle Sauce

The Holiday Flavors Pack is perfect for everyone looking to prepare easy yet delicious meals that your family can enjoy. This pack is ideal for the upcoming holiday celebration as you don’t have to worry about what ingredients to get and meals to prepare for the festivities coming right up at the corner.

Work-From-Home Essentials Bundle

If you know someone hardworking and career-driven, then this package is made for them. This Work-From-Home snacking package comes with:

  • 1 pouch Chek Hup Original
  • 1 box Chek Hup Columbian Latte
  • 4 pcs. Gullón Sugar-Free Shortbread and;
  • 6 pcs. of Gullón Sugar-Free Choco Wafer

This Work-From-Home package is the perfect partner that any busy and career-driven people can have. Keep yourself awake and focused with the Chek Hup Coffee inclusions. And provide your body some energy with the delicious and healthy treat from Gullón. This gift package can hopefully help you stay productive each day to accomplish great things and achieve big.

The Lunchbox Buddies Bundle

For the parents whose kids are fond of snacking, this gift package is just right for you and your little ones. It contains:

  • 1 box Gullón Dibus Sharkies
  • 3 jars Gullón Mini (Fish, Crackers, and Mix)
  • 1 pouch Chek Hup Kokoo Hazelnut
  • 1 pouch Chek Hup Kokoo Chocolate

This Lunchbox Buddies Bundle is great for satisfying your kids’ sweet cravings. These inclusions can also make up for recess or break-time snacks during their classes. It can help your kids be energized and motivated to do their best at school and exert better performance all the time.

The Holiday Fitspiration Pack

Do you know someone who never misses a day to work out and look after their physical health? Someone who serves as a fitspiration to you and others? This bundle may just put a smile on their face then. It contains the following:

  • 1 pack Gullón Vitalday Yogurt
  • 1 pack Gullón Sugar-Free Digestive Biscuits
  • 2 packs Gullón Sugar-Free Fiber Biscuits
  • 1 box NutriBrownRice Original
  • 1 pouch Chek Hup Teh Tarik Malaysian Tea

These products will complement the lifestyle of those who are active. These products will also give the satisfaction of snack time without the guilt. Anyone can freely enjoy eating the healthy and sugar-free snacks from Gullón and have a relaxing time while sipping a cup of The Tarik with less sugar.

The Coffee, Tea, and Message from Me Bundle

Do you know someone who takes their sweet time while they drink their coffee or tea? Send them this lovely bundle to make their “me” time more special. This bundle contains the following:

  • 1 jar Gullón Mini Crackers
  • 1 pack Gullón Vitalday Yogurt
  • 6 pcs. Gullón Sugar-Free Vanilla Wafer
  • 1 pack Chek Hup Teh Tarik Ginger Tea
  • 1 box Chek Hup Columbian Latte

The Coffee, Tea, and Message from Me bundle is great if you want to send a heartwarming message or letter to your loved ones to make their holidays joyful and memorable. Get this bundle for them and touch their hearts with your sincere words in your message.

Each of these gift bundles is specially curated to suit anyone’s unique characteristics and lifestyle. Whether you have a loved one who is career-driven, active, or has lovely kids to look after, there is a specific package that fits them and their needs. We hope to brighten you and your loved ones’ days and support your evolving lifestyle through these special bundles. Much more, we hope we can help bring a smile to your faces through these better bundle deals that we have and curated just for you. — (TGM)

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