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Stay On Track: 3 Steps To Keep Your Motivation In-Check

Our goals in life are one of the driving forces that help boost our motivation to work hard each day. To an extent, they also serve as our purpose to not give up and continue to strive for greatness.

But just like how we get both good and bad days, we also experience highs and lows when dealing with our motivation. There are days where we are pumped to get to work, but there are also times where we can’t seem to focus on any task and perform at our best.

It can feel baffling when we notice how our motivation is slowly wearing away. However, we must keep in mind that going through this phase is normal to experience from time to time.

And while it is common to go through a period of demotivation, we should not let this feeling linger for too long. Doing so would only affect us and our ability to work and perform efficiently. To combat demotivation, we can give ourselves a little push to try and be better each day. After all, exerting small efforts is better than completely doing nothing.

If you feel confused about where to start, simply follow these 3 steps to help you push yourself and regain your motivation.

1. Learn how to manage your energy

The level of energy that we have plays a significant role in keeping our motivation in check. If we are low in energy, chances are we also don’t feel prompted to work at our best. We may also be easily distracted and may have a hard time focusing on our tasks. To avoid feeling sluggish and lethargic due to lack of motivation, we must pay attention to managing our energy. The higher our energy level is, the more we could exert and give a better performance.

The way you begin your day impacts how the rest of it will continue. With that, ensure that you are kicking it off in the best way possible. You can take a relaxing bath or have a delicious breakfast to make you feel good first thing in the morning.

We suggest taking Berocca along with your morning meal to help you jumpstart your day with long-lasting energy. Not only would it help boost your mood, but it also enhances your mental sharpness that is beneficial in keeping your attention for an extended period.

2. Nourish your body with healthy food

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet helps in keeping our energy at a high level. The food we consume is converted to different energy rates that allow us to work effectively. In addition, a good and healthy meal puts us in a better mood. And overall, when we feel good, it contributes to the factors that motivate us to function correctly.

For a more sustainable and healthy diet, we recommend swapping your usual white rice to Duru Bulgur. Aside from being a source of healthy carbs, Duru Bulgur is also a good source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Plus, it also helps in regulating your blood sugar level to prevent any nerve damage.

Together with Duru Bulgur, we suggest incorporating leafy vegetables, a portion of lean meat, and even healthy fats into your meals. Having a nutrient-dense and balanced meal will help you maintain long-lasting energy. It will also improve your mood, which is a great way to battle the demotivation looming around you.

3. Don’t forget to take a rest

In this world of continuous hustling, we often forget the importance of taking a break to ensure that we don’t get burnt out. We underestimate the power of resting and even place it on the back burner as we attend to tasks that we deem more urgent than anything else.

But just as how working is essential, taking a break is necessary to ensure that we execute our best at every task. Doing so will help us sustain and even have more energy that can help fuel our motivation to strive and achieve success.

When taking a much-needed rest, apply Salonpas on your shoulders or back area. Doing this will leave a cooling sensation on your body that will relax your muscles and prevent them from being tensed. Apart from these, it will also allow you to ease your mind from any worries that you have and let you start over on the next day with a clean slate.

It is common for our motivation to waver and go through different phases from time to time. However, we must remind ourselves that going through a period of loss of motivation is expected. What we can do instead is to practice acknowledging this feeling. We should also take small steps that will help ourselves regain our inspiration to get back up and return to our productive routine. — (TGM)

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