How To Make a Charcuterie Board for Noche Buena

Key Takeaway

Level up your Noche Buena with these special Charcuterie board ideas from The Goodwill Market!

As Christmas day draws near, holiday gatherings are more and more common. Level up your Noche Buena by creating a special Charcuterie board with your favorite TGM products!

Though charcuterie board ideas you find online may seem complex, it is quite easy to prepare. All you need is a good old wooden board and your favorite deli cuts, savory accompaniments, and some sweets to get started.

From your tita’s signature paella to your lola’s secret leche flan recipe, everyone will be bringing their signature dish for the long-awaited holiday dinner. And though we may not all be talented in the culinary arts, we still want to bring something special for our families. So for the upcoming Noche Buena, you may want to try this trendy dish.

If you’ve ever been browsing through holiday TikToks, you might have seen people post videos about charcuterie boards. These lovely platters may be something you would like to include as an exciting twist to your traditional holiday dinners.

Traditionally, the word “Charcuterie” comes from France meaning meat from a fancy pork butcher. It’s a delicatessen that people with refined taste of meat enjoy. In modern times, charcuterie boards are an aesthetically pleasing collection of different treats that balance each other out in terms of taste and heartiness.

Here at TGM, we always try to make good things better. To help you prepare your holiday treat, we’ve listed down charcuterie board ideas you can incorporate to your new Noche Buena special.

Here’s What You Need

1. A wooden board

Your board can be thick, thin, square, round, or any other shape and size you prefer! However, make sure that it’s large enough to fit all the yummy treats for the whole family.

2. Cold cuts

Get slices of your family’s favorite thinly-sliced sweet meats and cold cuts to arrange on your board.

3. Cheese

Go for different textures and depth by getting a variety of hard and soft cheeses to please any discerning palate.

4. Fruits and nuts

Scatter your preferred dried fruits and nuts or even crackers to add crunch to your board.

5. Sweets

Adding some chocolate and other candies will complement the other components of your board.

Make it Merrier

If you want to bring your board to the next level, we got you! Check out these products from TGM that would be a great addition to your fantastic holiday charcuterie board.

Ooh Mommy, Umami!

Add a dash of Umbria White Truffle Oil to increase the flavor of deliciousness you can find in your preferred specialty meats. Aside from umami, this finishing oil made from Bianchetto truffle has numerous health benefits making it great for the family. Know more about Truffle oil and take your dishes to the next level.
There are plenty more ways to incorporate truffle flavors into your meals, check out our recipe ideas for Noche Buena.

Sweet but Sugar-Free

There are a lot of delicious Gullón products you can add to make your hearty board even more healthy. Chocolate and meat pair really well, which is why we recommend getting Gullón Dueto Cookies with Chocolate Flavored Filling for the treat without the guilt.

The holiday season is the perfect time to let our friends and family know how much we love them. Our effort to prepare for our contribution in the Christmas dinner shows how important our loved ones are to us. Even though the holidays happen yearly, it is always worth it to try and make Christmas one of the most special days for us and for our family. We hope you spend the day well, spread joy, and most importantly, make beautiful memories. — (TGM)

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