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7-Day Challenge: Loving Yourself Better

Key Takeaway

In this article, we encourage readers to dedicate a whole week for their overall self-care by doing one special challenge each day.

Life can become a handful when you have work responsibilities and personal expectations to juggle simultaneously. Yet as difficult as your routine may be, you push forward to come out stronger and wiser through it all —with arms at the ready to embrace that sense of fulfillment.

But you can't expect this to be the outcome each time. There are days when you can fall short despite giving your best. And it is in these moments when you have to provide yourself with extra space to recover.

You might find it tricky to squeeze in a buffer period for self-care, but trust that it's a worthy investment than anything you've already got going.

When choosing between anything else or your wellness, you'd be wiser to go for the latter.

Choosing yourself is not a selfish act. You'd be surprised that by filling your cup first, you become more capable of doing more for others. And therefore, boost your productivity and accomplish more tasks. So if you want better days for your future self, you'll want to switch it up.

Here's a 7-day challenge dedicated to amp up your self-care habits and put your well-being in the front seat.

Day 1: Seize the day with your Top 3

There are two things you wouldn't want to do: 1) Pressure yourself to finish everything on your to-do list and 2) get through the day with no guide or rhythm.

Doing either of these for a prolonged period can cause a grim effect on your self-esteem and lead to a dysfunctional schedule. So, where should you stand?

Choosing your top three priorities for the day would be a better way to get by. It gives you enough focus and doesn't leave you overwhelmed with the sheer number of work to do. Plus, it also helps you to be more mindful and respectful of the time you spend on each task.

While you're planning out your itinerary, how about making yourself a splendid cup of gourmet coffee? Chek Hup's Colombian Gourmet Coffee variants would be a fine choice with Malaysian cacao beans and low glycemic rock sugar.

Day 2: Hydrate inside and out

"Drink your water" may sound like a basic tip, but it's a practice that people often forget. And because it sounds so simple and expected that it's sidelined for more pressing tasks. Staying hydrated, however, works wonders for your overall performance. Drinking enough water promotes better energy, mood, and physical output.

So for this day's challenge, get yourself a trusty 2-liter water tumbler and improve your hydration level. Keep your bottle near you and place it on your work desk. You can even set the alarm or a reminder on your phone. But to make this all the more luxurious, go ahead and give your skin a bonus treat. Take a look at Avene's Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum that restores your skin's natural moisture, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch.

Day 3: Wake up to a morning workout

If you're a morning person, then this challenge might be right up your alley. But if you're not, well, it won't hurt to take a dip and give it a chance to improve your day.

From promoting healthy blood flow to combating illness, waking up to a morning exercise can also help you build strong self-discipline and make sure you put your physical wellness first (literally). So give this day's challenge a shot and dive in. You might like the energetic boost so much, you'd think of giving up on coffee altogether. And to keep this momentum going, you might appreciate a refreshing drink from Berocca Performance. It's bursting with hefty B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc for sustained energy that lasts the day.

Day 4: Eat a deliciously balanced plate

Take this as a long-overdue Treat Yourself day. When you're off in a hurry, the chances are that you won't even give your meal a second thought. You'll cook up whichever's available and most painless to prepare, with a slight inclination to starchy comfort food. But it's high time that you get back to food that makes your body feel good. And this means saying no to sugar-laced treats and shifting your appetite back to greens, fruits, and lean protein.

For this day, plan out your desired meals and aim to make them complementary and balanced with the food essentials you need. But be careful not to stress yourself out in the process. The goal for this is to be an activity that you enjoy. In the future, you may also have your eyes on healthy food that's still quick and easy to prepare for a busy day. And for this, we recommend the instant drinks from NutriBrownRice packed with the nutrients and minerals found in brown rice.

Day 5: Hype up about your passion

Humans are naturally social beings and if you've got an idea or something that you're passionate about, now is not the day to get shy about them. Today's the perfect opportunity to celebrate your ambition and design. Strike a conversation with your close friends or even with acquaintances you're comfortable with. And who knows, maybe talking about your passion might inspire theirs.

And if you're still feeling a bit hesitant, here's a reminder to power through your fear. Diving into a conversation about a topic that personally interests you is healthy and rewarding. Let your authentic self shine. You're worth it.

Day 6: Manifest a wild personal goal

A new trend has recently swept social media circles, and it's the power of manifestation. To put it simply, it's a concept that believes that positive affirmations can assist in making your dreams come to fruition. And as credulous as this may be, there are already existing scientific studies surrounding the art of positive thinking that can present a more tangible ground on the subject. The idea is that an optimistic mindset can influence behavior, which boosts your prospects of enhancing your skills.

It's vital to believe in one's capabilities. Even if it'll be a mammoth undertaking, there's no better day to set your gears and gather your energy to make it happen. Write your goal down or repeat it verbally throughout the day. But also don't forget to set actionable steps to help you stay on track. You can also rely on a premium collagen supplement like Recogen to provide support and relief to weary joints and bones.

Day 7: Unwind and recharge

Take it easy for the day and breathe. There is value in dedicating time to sit alone in peace. But being accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle can make idleness seem like an unproductive way to spend one's time. Yet surprisingly, it's more lucrative than it looks. Idle moments allow your mind to recharge and increase creativity.

So be firm in drawing the lines between the hours for work and rest. Savor the act of sorting through your mental clutter. To supplement your physical rest, you could also look at NeuCell's herbal dietary supplement, which bolsters your immunity against illnesses.

Prioritizing self-care can be a bit unsettling for those who've always been on the move. But it's a necessary pause to propel you to greater heights. Challenge yourself to commit to at least one self-care act each day and see how this makes for a better fuel in the long run. — (TGM)

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