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How to keep your 40s upbeat and healthy

Key Takeaway

Entering your forties is a milestone. But as you enter this new decade, you must be aware of certain health risks that you may face at this prime age.

They say that forty is the new twenty for many different reasons. From transitioning from school to a full-time job to going from one career to another. Your kids are also not getting any younger. Once, you were taking care of them as toddlers, and now, you are answering the endless questions that they have. Your forties will make you feel like you are encountering the same phase you had in your twenties, only that you are facing different situations this time.

But what’s great this time is that you know better than when you were in your twenties. And regardless of the changes you will encounter in this new season of life, it is truly a decade worth celebrating. Entering your forties is a milestone where new and exciting things await you.

What can you expect when you enter your 40s?

When you enter this fourth decade of your life, you can expect many new things with your health and body. These changes can be very new to a lot of you. So to help you get through this transition, we rounded up some common experiences that you may go through once you hit forty:

1. Skin loses elasticity

As you age, you lose fat volume on our faces, and because of this, your skin tends to be more drawn out and saggy than smooth and tight like in your younger years. You may notice this happening on the skin under your eyes, nose, jawline, and ears.

2. Metabolism slows down

The ability of our bodies to produce energy also decreases as we grow older. Even if you retain and continuously perform our daily routine and exercise, your body will still burn less of the calories we take, turning into fat that can lead to weight gain. This is the reason why weight management can be challenging at this time of age for many people.

3. Muscle loss

In connection with your slowing metabolism, you will also experience muscle loss when you enter this decade of your life. This is also known as sarcopenia or loss of muscle related to aging, which usually starts in your thirties, but you can only feel and see the effects when you enter your forties already.

4. Hormonal changes

One of the common things people go through as they age are the rapid changes in their hormone levels. Both women’s and men’s testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone levels tend to have a 10 to 15-year decline.

Women also begin to enter the first stages of menopause when they reach their forties. This is where they enter their pre-menopause stage. Some hormonal changes and symptoms that you may experience are trouble sleeping, frequent brain fog, difficulty in losing weight, lack of motivation to exercise, and inconsistent streams of emotions.

Some women may also experience thinning of hair caused by hormonal changes. This is a more common case in women due to age-related changes in their hormones that alter the regrowth of their hair.

5. Weaker joints

Part of aging is the deterioration of the cartilage between our bones. And because of this, you might feel your joints slightly weakening at this age. However, this is normal as cartilage naturally wears off as we grow older.

How can I stay healthy in my 40s?

It is hard to avoid certain physical and health changes as you grow older. But while these factors are inevitable, there are ways for you to combat them. Entering your forties can still be fun while continuously ensuring that you maintain good health.

Have nutrient-packed meals

As certain aspects of your bodies and health go through necessary transitions, you must keep a balanced diet daily. Choose to consume whole foods instead of processed ones and those that contain added sodium and sugar, and saturated fat. Make sure that you include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, poultry and fish, and grains in your meals. In addition, having a protein-rich diet will help you feel more energized, can help control your blood sugar, and build muscle mass for you.

Get your body moving

Managing your weight and keeping your strength and stamina can be difficult as you age. Regular exercise will help you retain mobility and lower your risks of experiencing any kind of heart disease. Additionally, having a regular exercise routine can also help combat the natural muscle loss that you go through as you enter our forties.

Take vitamins and supplements

There can be a lot of health risks that you can encounter as you grow old. That is why you should ensure that you are treating your body well by taking vitamins and supplements to help you enjoy the aging process more comfortably.

To prevent your joints from getting weaker, you may consider Recogen’s collagen with calcium supplement.

Recogen is one the premium supplements you can take for knee joint pain to restore your mobility. It contains Bioactive Collagen Peptides that help increase collagen production to repair your joint cartilage. Recogen also has amino acids that make your joints stronger and help strengthen your muscles and boost your energy levels.

Pre-menopause, or the early stage of menopause, starts in our forties. And when women reach their menopause stages, the side effects that come with it may be uncomfortable. To help alleviate the symptoms of the early menopausal period, you may want to try Neufemme.

Neufemme is a dietary supplement derived from Mung beans and Eucommia bark extracts that provides pain relief to the aches brought by menopause. In addition, Neufemme also improves skin elasticity and makes your skin more radiant.

Regulate your sleep

You had probably got away by having less than eight hours of sleep when you were younger, but now might be a bit different. As you age, the changes you experience can also affect your sleep quality and stress levels.

Studies show that at this age, we must reevaluate and reassess our sleeping routine and habits and make sure we stick to a healthier one. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep will help enhance your immune system and even reduce stress levels.

It can feel exciting to enter a new decade with new possibilities waiting ahead of you. But at the same time, it can also be worrying to face changes that are foreign and unfamiliar, especially in your health. But even so, there are many ways to still ensure that your forties remain fun, upbeat, and healthy. — (TGM)

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