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A Fascinating Retrospective of Bulgur

Key Takeaway

In this article, we trace the origins of Bulgur from fueling the palates of the world’s potentates to being Manila’s healthiest carbohydrate.

Switching from waist-widening white rice to bulge-battling bulgur is one of the easiest ways to whisk away the weight. While the thought of parting with such a staple may be daunting, revel in the fact that bulgur is a masterpiece that’s quite literally 4,000 years in the making. Here’s the story of how this gratifying grain founds its way from the sun-drenched fields of the Middle East to your dinner table.

The Fertile Crescent

It all started four thousand years ago in a lush tract of land in the Middle East called the Fertile Crescent. It is in this vast expanse that our industrious ancestors have transformed endless wheat fields into tasty bulgur. Because of the filling nature and versatility of this grain, bulgur has become part and parcel of Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years up to today.

A Holy Status

Since high quality wheat is all that’s needed to create bulgur, many cultures are enamored at the tastiness of this ancient grain. It is said that in Chinese Emperor Shen Nung deified wheat — the main ingredient of bulgur — to a holy status.

Called By Many Names

The love for bulgur transcends cultures. Historical records show that the Romans loved bulgur so much that they named it, “cerealis.” The Israelites followed suit, affectionately calling it, “dagan,” while some areas in the Middle East called it, “Arisah.”

Building the Foundation

Meanwhile in Turkey, an enterprising businessman named Ziya started manufacturing bulgur to meet the growing demands of military personnel. The army required satisfying sustenance for their troops, to which Ziya envisioned bulgur as the perfect solution. He established the first bulgur mill in Zugurtler Plateau near the Godet River.

Cleanliness and Purity

With a dedication to cleanliness, Ziya obtained the rights to use a surname that would characterize his approach to business. Duru, which stands for purity and cleanliness, would be emblazoned on all bulgur products from his mill.

Made the Natural Way

Even amidst the era of modernization, Ziya firmly believes that traditional methods are still the best way to produce quality bulgur. Ziya passed on this galvanizing belief onto his sons, Ihsan and Emin, so that they may continue this grand tradition.

Traditions Bolstered by Modernization

Under Ihsan and Emin, the Duru brand became the producer of the finest bulgur. With respect to the traditional processes of their father, the company — to this day — still uses traditional millstones to preserve the natural taste and flavor. To make it possible for more people to enjoy bulgur, the company automated the other processes through state of the art facilities to ensure high quality products.

Widening the Reach

With plenty of bulgur fans in their home country of Turkey, the Duru brand wanted to reach out to countries. To move the food industry forward, the company regularly sponsors and attends food fairs across the globe. In a bid to solidify Duru’s reputation for high quality bulgur, it sought certification from reputable authorities. As a result, the company obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification from TUV-CERT and later on achieved HACCYP Food Hygiene certification.

To Your Doorstep

In a grateful coincidence, Duru caught the eye of one of the Goodwill Market’s curators. After tasting the nutty goodness of bulgur and learning about its health benefits compared to white rice, it was immediately obvious that a product of this quality should be made available in the Philippines. Now, it is.

You can now enjoy the all-natural goodness of a grain that has been loved since the age of antiquity and made the same way by Duru. This grain took over 4,000 years to get to your plate. Take a bite and you’ll know the journey is worth it. — (TGM)

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