Christmas Gift Sets for a Merry Holiday

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In this article, we talk about gift-giving and share Christmas gift-bundle ideas that you can make to give to your loved ones during this holiday.

One of the things that make the holiday season unique is the practice of gift-giving. Many of us look forward to celebrating Christmas because of the presents we prepared for our loved ones and even the gifts we can receive from them in return.

And with this in mind, we want to take part and make gift-giving easy for you. To make the holiday merrier for everyone, we prepared five gift set ideas that you can quickly get from The Goodwill Market. They are made of premium products that will help elevate your loved ones' lives and even put smiles on their faces. Feel free to customize and make these gift ideas your own to make them more memorable.

For the holiday immunity boost

The atmosphere tends to get a little colder during the holidays, and at this time, in a pandemic, we can’t afford to get sick and risk our health and safety. To ensure that your loved ones are safe and protected, gift them these holiday booster packs with Bewell-C and Bewell-C Kids.

Both Bewell-C and Bewell-C Kids have Zinc that helps boost your immune system and fight off any bacteria and virus in your body. Zinc also improves your metabolism and supports the growth and body development of your kids.

These Vitamin boosters are the perfect gift idea for any parents and their lovely kids. Gifting these can also serve as a kind gesture to show that you care for their health and wellbeing and encourage them to take a step forward to ensure their safety.

For a jolly Christmas time of the little ones

Kids in our family are always the ecstatic ones during this particular season. They get to play around with their relatives, and they also get to receive gifts that they would love and enjoy. Aside from gifting them toys that they could play with, take the time to give them items to keep them healthy and protected. Get Fruit Me Up, Blemil Kids 4, and Queray for them.

For healthy snacking that the kids can still love, Fruit Me Up is the best snack to gift them. It has no artificial flavors and added sugar and is made of natural fruits. Fruit Me Up also comes in assorted flavors: Strawberry Pink Guava, Soursop Apple, Apple Banana, and Mango Banana Passion Fruit which kids can have fun taking and snacking on.

To boost kids' immunity and ensure that they have the proper nutrients to help them grow, Blemil Kids 4 is the right milk partner. It is enriched growing-up milk for kids three years old and above, and it provides nutrients that help kids’ intellectual development and physical growth.

And for a refreshing and fun bath time for them, Queray is the perfect product for kids to have at home. Its Baby Mild Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair and is tear-free and gentle to the eyes. The Baby and Kids Bath Gel helps moisturize and hydrate their skin. The bath gel is also suitable for kids who have sensitive skin to provide softness and protection to their skin.

For a sweeter and healthy Christmas

When there’s a celebration, there is always a feast that comes with it. And one of the things that we look for after enjoying the savory dishes that our loved ones prepared is the desserts and sweets. With Gullón, it is easy to serve and let those family members fond of sweet snacks enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

In addition, Gullón’s line of Sugar-Free crackers is made for everyone to munch on. It is healthy and also perfect for those who are looking after their calorie and even sugar intake. Gullón is also high in fiber and whole grain, which helps control blood sugar and lowers cholesterol levels.

For pain and stress-free celebration

For the loved one who does the job of hosting and preparing the celebrations for the family, make sure that they get the care that they need all the time. Body pain, headache, and fatigue are common things they could experience during hectic times like this. To ensure that your loved one is always prepared for times like this, let them take and have Saridon and Neucell with them.

Saridon helps relieve mild to even severe headaches and other pain conditions and even pain associated with colds and flu. It provides fast and effective pain relief.

To avoid fatigue and nausea, let your loved ones take Neucell. It has extracts from Yun-Zhi mushrooms that help improve respiratory and lung conditions. Yun-Zhi mushroom is also effective in promoting the overall health of your liver. In addition, it also has active components that help reduce physical distress, such as body fatigue and poor appetite.

For the skincare regimen and holiday glow

Sudden temperature changes can result in dry air that can take out the moisture away from our skin. So even with this season's chilly weather, makes sure that your and your loved ones' skins are protected so you can show off your glow. With that, here are some Avène products that you can use and even gift to your loved ones to keep your glow shining throughout the holiday season.

Cleanse the dirt and oiliness off of your skin with Avéne’s Cleanance Micellar Water. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic that helps prevent breakouts and even pore blockages. And for skin’s all-day hydration, try Avène’s Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream that provides long-lasting hydration and helps restore the skin’s freshness.

The thoughtful gesture and practice of gift-giving has been passed and carried on until today. But whatever kind of present we give out and receive in return from our loved ones, this should not come in the way for us to fully see the meaning of celebrating the holidays with our loved ones. The mere fact that we can be with them and safely celebrate together should be enough more than any amount of presents in the world. — (TGM)

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