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15-Minute Workout Routine For Kids and Parents

Key Takeaway

To help you kickstart this new routine, here is a curated list that you can do with your kids to challenge your body and have fun while sweating.

With the ever-changing landscape that we are in, we sometimes get out of track in maintaining balance with household chores, work, and leisure activities. Much more, squeezing in a workout as a parent may not be as easy as you want it to be on top of all the work you have on your plate.

Though it may feel difficult to achieve, you can always look for other means to get your workout in, even if you are time-constrained. For instance, you can get your kids to exercise with you instead of going on a solo flight.

While you can often see working out as a time to destress and recharge by yourself, it may also be a great idea to turn it into a fun family activity. In this way, you are not only creating a chance to bond with your kids, but also setting an example to be active and healthy at an early age.

To help you kickstart this new routine, here is a curated list that you can do with your kids to challenge your body and have fun while sweating.

Mountain Climbers (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

First, get into a push-up position and start bringing your knee alternately to your elbow and repeat until the timer is up. You can choose to do the same-side connection climbers or the crisscross climber.

Sit-Ups (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

A classic exercise move. Lie down on your back and tuck your toes under a sofa or coffee table if you need some support, and bring your torso up and back down repeatedly. You can choose to do the exercise as is, or you can ask one of your kids to hold your feet while you do it, and vice versa.

Star Jumps (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

Your kids will surely love this. Stand tall and jump high into the air full of power while extending your arms and legs to look like you are forming a huge star figure. You can happily shout at the top when doing the jump to pump up the activity's energy.

Squats (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

Stand with your feet at shoulders' width apart and bend your knees while keeping it behind your toes. Challenge your kids and see who can do more squats in a given time to make the activity more interesting.

Lunges (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

Bend your knee forward to a 90-degree angle without letting it extend beyond your toes while your back knee touches the ground. Ask your kid to make as many lunges as they can while walking across the room. Or, to make it more fun (or challenging for you), you can carry one of your kids in your arms while doing the exercise.

Leg Raises (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

Lay down and make sure your back is flat on the floor, straight up your legs and lift it up and down. Try your best not to bend your knees, and do not let your lower back arch as well.

Jumping Jacks (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

Another classic move and your kids will probably have more energy to do this than you. Step your legs on the side while jumping and bring your arms up when you open your legs wide. Doing this will surely keep your heart rate up. You can even have a match with your kids and see who can do the most jacks among you.

Planks (45 secs, 15 secs rest)

Have your elbows on the floor and balance your weight with your toes. For a challenge, you can go eye-to-eye with any of your kids and see who will last until the timer stops. Or, for some fun time, you can have your smallest kid sit on your back and see how long you can survive it.

Perform each exercise in 45 seconds and take 15 seconds rests in between each move. Do the circuit twice and allot three minutes of stretching and cooling down after to complete the 15-minute exercise routine.

After completing the routine and once you have all cooled down, you can head to the kitchen and prepare a hearty post-workout treat for your kids to reward them for their hard work after working out with you.

You can prepare a simple sandwich with their favorite spread or filling paired with a fruit they like for a balanced and filling snack. Ask them how they found the exercise while having a meal together and if they are up to do it again next time.

We must find the right balance in everything as we juggle everything at home in this new normal. On top of this, we shouldn't neglect our health and must find means to stay active even indoors. Doing activities with your kids, whether physical or recreational, will help keep your relationship healthy during this unusual time. Making time to be with them will enhance your bond and help you collect memories that you can treasure for the long run. — (TGM)

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