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Back to School Tips: Learning Spaces at Home

Key Takeaway

Finding the best way to manage home-based learning is the prime challenge for students and parents alike.

The dynamic shift we've experienced this year has not been easy. As the daily life we used to know went amiss, it was thanks to our new set of routines that eased us back into pace. And as the weeks went by, we have slowly found our way around this new normal. But for our kids and thousands more from different households, the novelty of remote and virtual learning is a challenge that they have yet to triumph.

It's our job as parents to give our children the best chance to succeed. Now, more than ever, they need our help to manage the new learning scheme and be their guide through these uncertain times. Here are some ways you can look out for your kid and how you can make the home the best place to go to school.

Enhance Their Learning Experience

Kids need to know that we're with them every step of the way. Now that they're away from their familiar school environment, coping with an asynchronous teaching method presents a major learning curve. In fact, research shows that online classes are proven to be more difficult than face-to-face learning.

With a communication barrier between them, their teachers, and their peers, students will need to put in more effort to follow lessons. Knowing that this might be a significant obstacle, some schools have taken the initiative to distribute lesson outlines and guides for parents on how to organize a conducive study environment at home. Parents' participation in their children's education is a key tool for success, especially during this time. Take this as an opportunity to nurture your bond with your child and get to know their unique learning style.

Design Their Nutrition and Improve Their Motivation

Having friends within arm's reach is one of the main contributors to why it's fun going to school. In many ways, having friends around our child builds a sense of camaraderie that keeps them motivated and engaged. So now that they will spend months without their friends, parents will need to be more attentive when it comes to their kid's mood.

Surely, the right food can be a reliable fuel. But as parents with a plate full of work, it may seem impossible to squeeze in time for food prep. Find these delicious and healthy snacks as a huge time-saver whenever your kids need a little boost.

Sugar-free health biscuits by Gullon

With a wide range of offerings from chocolate chip cookies, maria biscuits, to vanilla wafers, Gullon's treats taste sweeter with less sugar and more fiber for your child's fulfillment.

Instant Brown Rice with NutriBrownRice

This drink revolutionizes the way we consume brown rice. As a superfood, the list goes on why you should include it in your diet. In the form of a powdered drink, children can enjoy the nutritious benefits everyday during meal time.

Quick and easy meals with Duru Bulgur

Bulgur grains are a staple to Middle Eastern cuisine but its unique flavor with its bounteous benefits attract a universal appeal. Explore new ways you can enjoy the classic breakfast favorites, Chicken Arroz Caldo and Champorado, with these healthy rice alternatives.

The new learning scheme certainly brings forth several challenges for families. But against the safety and well-being of our children, it's a small price to pay. As times continue to change, it becomes even more critical to be our child's number one supporter and prepare them for what comes next. Making our homes the best place for learning is just the start. — (TGM)

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