The Taste of Christmas

Key Takeaway

This upcoming Christmas season, express your utmost gratitude and give the gift of healthy snacking with Gullón.

Christmas comes in many different flavors. For those who grew up with feasts that favor the succulent taste of pig, partaking of Lechon might bring up fond memories of merrymaking under the bright lights of a well-adorned tree. For those who enjoyed the pairing of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies during Christmas mornings, sipping contemplatively on a favorite milk drink or munching away on a cookie may bring holidays to the fore.

Aside from the cold weather, the presence of loved ones, and the jovial atmosphere that surrounds the festivities, what makes Christmas unique for each one of us would be the food that reminds us of fond memories of the holiday season.

Food is undoubtedly a staple in the celebration of Christmas — and sweets may well be on the top of the list. It is that one season when we allow ourselves to eat just about anything and everything we want. Even the food that we ignore on the regular becomes a tempting treat all of a sudden. We take time to partake of the feasts with our friends and families, and we create more happy memories surrounded by good food.

After all the presents are opened, relatives have gone home, and the lights from the fireworks have finished their descent, all that’s left are the joyful memories of your many meals, and the calories they left behind.

What if we can do better this year? What if we can choose better and eat without feeling the inevitable pangs of guilt? Why don’t we #choosebetter products that are delicious and healthy, so we can enjoy Christmas while sticking to our new year’s resolution.

Let’s begin with a chocolate chip cookie from Gullón.

From the moment you tear through the plastic wrapper, you’ll see a bunch of neatly stacked circles dotted with chocolate chips. It looks like any ordinary cookie you’ve had before. No big deal?

Then when you take a bite, any resemblance to ordinary, run-of-the-mill cookies stops. What you’ve just eaten has a pleasant texture with just the right amount of sweetness. The dough gently crumbles while the mild chocolate flavor of the chips gently beguiles your taste buds. Not long after savoring your first bite, your hands instinctively raise the cookie back to your mouth, and the experience starts all over again.

Remember the quote: A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand? With Gullón, that’s certainly possible!

Before you know it, you’ve finished the entire pack. At this point, there’s no need to feel guilty because Gullón’s Chocolate Chip Cookie is free from any harmful sugars. This feature means that you can munch on these cookies (within reasonable limits, of course!) without inducing a sugar-high. What’s better is that each cookie has high fiber content, so it’ll help your digestive system to do a better job with going through all the food you’ve eaten!

While the taste of Christmas is usually associated with the more decadent offerings, Gullón’s Chocolate Chip Biscuits prove that a healthy alternative can be a better option. With no sugar and high fiber, you will certainly feel the warmth of Christmas with no added guilt. — (TGM)

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