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4 Tips To Create More Eco-Friendly Coffee Habits

Coffee has truly become an inseparable component in our everyday lives. Waking up and getting ready in the morning never feels complete without an aromatic cup by your side. Just one sip is enough to stimulate your senses to get you moving on hectic days.

But we don’t just love coffee for its energizing caffeine. There are also some people who simply find comfort in the coffee-making process —the grinding of the beans and the waiting time as it brews in a pot. You may also find some fulfillment by using coffee as a way to connect with friends on a cool afternoon.

Many of the experiences we share with coffee is around the happiness and pleasure it brings. But there’s another factor to coffee-drinking that also warrants our attention. From production to finally getting served on your local cafés and kitchen pantries, coffee can have a lot of impact on the environment. The entire process of coffee production have been shown to contribute to deforestation, water pollution, and contamination. And as such, it becomes quite essential to take a long hard look about our current coffee-drinking habits and its overall impact.

Making Your Coffee More Eco-Friendly

While it is hard to make the process of producing coffee more sustainable, there are ways in which we can help and make our daily coffee routine more environmental friendly.

1. Check the coffee label

The first step you can take to achieve a sustainable coffee routine is to pick your coffee carefully. You can look at the process of the production of the coffee to ensure that you are supporting an environmental-friendly company.

2. Reduce your waste

Consuming coffee regularly also means producing tons of waste that can harm our environment. You can transform your love for coffee into a sustainable practice by looking at the packaging. To help reduce waste, pick a coffee with recyclable or compostable packaging.

Another way is by reducing the number of cups you use by switching to a reusable cup that you can bring with you everywhere. Having your cup with you will also make takeaway coffees easier and more comfortable at your end. Not only are you using your own cup, but you are also helping in minimizing the waste that we produce because of coffee.

3. Minimize your energy usage

When it comes to making coffee at home, it's no surprise that some coffee-lovers enjoy using electronic machines in blending their drink. Not only is it convenient, but it also makes coffee faster than anything else. But too much consumption of energy can also harm the environment. Instead, you might want to try other methods of making coffee that requires minimal to no use of energy at times. French press and pour-over coffee carafes are great methods for less-used energy coffee makers that you can try from time to time.

4. Use coffee grounds as fertilizers

Often, we would immediately throw away our used coffee grounds once we were done making our coffee. But did you know that coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer or compost for your plants? The grounds are rich in nitrogen, which makes each plant livelier. The used coffee grounds serve as an organic insecticide when sprinkled around the plants.

By reusing your coffee grounds, you are helping to keep them away from filling the waterways and causing water pollution and contamination.

These tips we’ve shared are just some of the simple ways to kickstart your sustainable coffee routine. But to broaden your options on how you can start, here’s a product that’s also embraced sustainability in its brand.

Say Hello to Granell

Meet the new range of coffee that is 100% compostable, free from plastic and aluminum materials, and produced using renewable energies. Granell is here to serve quality coffee that will satisfy your caffeine cravings and make your coffee routine sustainable.

These Granell coffee capsules are made with minimal ecological footprints to help pursue their objective of lessening the harm plastic production is causing to the environment. Granell is manufactured with compostable and biodegradable materials that become compost in 18 weeks.

In addition, Granell’s usage of renewable and clean energies in its manufacturing helps eliminate the carbon-dioxide component in the process.

Enjoy Granell to the fullest

Explore sustainability with Granell and enjoy their various coffee offerings that can suit any of your moods.

Coffee Ground Premium

If you want a simple and classic take on your coffee, the Granell Ground Coffee Premium is the one for you. Made with 100 % Arabica beans, this Granell variety will give you the morning pump that you need to start your day. The hints of nuts and spices are the perfect touch-up to this strong drink that will provide you with an energy boost.

Chocolate Coffee

For a sweeter take on your coffee, you might want to give Granell’s Chocolate Coffee a try. With the combination of the 100 % Arabica coffee beans and milk chocolate, this delightful drink will entice you with its flavorful taste that will give you the gentle kick to go through your day.

Hazelnut Coffee

For a more complex yet tasteful coffee, Granell’s Hazelnut Coffee is here for you to try. The hazelnut balances with the intense taste of 100% Arabica coffee, creating a fascinating combination of flavors for your drink. In addition, the hazelnut gives off nutty flavors that make your coffee experience unique and extraordinary.

Even in our little ways, we can help and make our planet a better place to live in. Incorporating small practices in our daily routines will eventually make a big contribution to our surroundings. Even through our sweet coffee routines in the morning, we can make simple changes that can make a great impact. — (TGM)

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