5 Things From the Supermarket You Can Buy Online

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In this article, we share how grocery shoppers can save more time and energy by choosing the online market as their source for essential commodities.

Shopping for your essentials is made easy with an online market.

What used to be a 30-minute grocery run can now easily turn into hours of waiting in line at the grocery store to purchase our essentials. With our new environment, we also need to reconsider how we will allocate our time and energy. Instead of patiently waiting in line, how about waiting comfortably in your home? This is just one of the distinct perks of mobile shopping.

Especially in times when you feel discouraged from taking trips outside, the merits of an online market proudly shine. With a curated list of products, easy payment method, and user-friendly experience, online platforms simply make life more manageable for you. And if you are yet to be convinced, here is a list of essential commodities in the supermarket that you can also buy online here at the Goodwill Market.


Through days when you need a quick pick-me-up, the aromatic sensation from a cup of coffee never fails to save the day. Elevate your experience by choosing the premium kind for your coffee break.

Days are without strain with your favorite cup of coffee.

With a luxurious blend of microground Colombian coffee, you’ll be served with a splendid ambrosial cup. Each pack of Chek Hup Colombian Latte comes with its own low GI brand rock sugar stick. Stir your coffee with the rock sugar for sweetness.

Milk and Healthy Drinks

Looking for an inspiration in planning wholesome family meals? How about mixing it up with healthy beverages? Make it easier for you and the kids to maintain a balanced diet with these nutritiously satisfying drinks: Blemil Kids and NutriBrownRice.

A warm glass of milk is a great way to maintain your toddler’s appetite.

The enriched formula found in Blemil Kids 4 provides an adequate supply of nutrients to support the physical growth and intellectual development of growing toddlers. Promote the growth of your child’s healthy bones with this drink.

You are sure to find your perfect drink in the many offerings of NutriBrownRice.

NutriBrownRice Chocolate is an easy to prepare drink with an immensely lush and rich chocolate taste. Sipping a cup of this delicious drink alongside a healthy meal will reward your kid with essential nutrients he’ll need for a happier disposition.

For a mild delicate taste, NutriBrownRice Original is also delightful cup perfect to make your mornings brighter. Have a warm cup before you head to work or before you sweat it out on your daily exercise routine. It’s an enjoyable light cup filled with iron and Vitamin B1 that will help you release more energy.


Inject vitality to your usual routine with a healthy snack. Find delightsome treats online at the Goodwill Market where it’s easier to find better choices.

It’s your favorite classic treat, but better.

Sink your teeth into these exceptional chocolate chip cookies without any worries. Gullon’s beloved sugar-free delights make it possible for those on a diet to satisfy their special cravings.

Try this deliciously unforgettable whole grain biscuits.

Fan of the famous yogurt? You’ll find that you can enjoy this nutritious treat even more with Gullon’s Vitalday Yogurt Filling. It’s a thoughtful delectable treat prepared with whole grain biscuits combined by a balanced yogurt filling. But if you’re looking for a sweeter variety, you may find it in Gullon’s Vitalday with Hazelnut which offers a rich chocolate filling.


Make appetizing family meals with a healthy portion of wholesome grains. Shop online at the Goodwill Market to widen your selection of premium ingredients.

Enhance your palate with the savory nutty flavor of this Mediterranean grain.

A staple to Mediterranean cuisine, bulgur is found to be the healthier alternative to rice. Highly rich in fiber and less calories than quinoa, this whole grain is a worthy contender for your next family dinner. Explore unique and flavorful dishes you can enjoy with the family by switching to Duru Bulgur.

The bountiful merits of online shopping are a long list that grows each day. It’s a platform that aims to add comfort and convenience to our daily lives. With the Goodwill Market, you will be one step further towards making better choices. — (TGM)

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