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In this article, we talk about how Valentine’s Day should not just be about your special someone, it should also be about improving yourself.

While Valentine’s Day puts the spotlight squarely on the romantic type of love, the love that we bestow upon one’s self should not be forgotten amidst the pleasantries of this occasion. Here are five easy ways to jumpstart your self-improvement journey.


If you think about your food choices these past few days, are they worthy of admiration or better offforgotten? With the stresses that we face regularly and the limited time that we have to manage, one might wonder where to get the time to cook. Admittedly, it is easier to tap a few buttons on an app to get fast food delivered than shop, thaw, chop, sauté, and serve.

By committing to cooking your meals, you take back control over your diet like never before. Since fast-food chains can’t be bothered to put your health in mind, you might end up with salty or sugary food. If you’re your own chef, you are empowered to adjust the right taste to your preferences and use only ingredients that fit your health needs.

Speaking of better ingredients, you can switch to a more filling carbohydrate by using Duru Bulgur instead of the ordinary white rice variants that you usually have. Because it is a type of whole grain, Bulgur wheat contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that improve your digestion. Bulgur, compared to white rice, has fewer calories and less fat. Contrasting with brown rice, you’ll discover that it has more fiber and folate.


Self-help manuals extol the virtue of treating yourself as you would treat a close friend. In many ways, this axiom is helpful advice for banishing guilty feelings that arise from investing in things or experiences that benefit ourselves. Whether it is about getting a massage from a prominent spa, a staycation at an exotic place, or buying clothing that’ll enable you to power dress, we shouldn’t feel wrong about availing experiences for the betterment of our well-being.

Treating ourselves right applies to food as well too. It is no secret that those that are bad for us generally cost less than the healthy ones. More often than not, the lower price comes back to us at the expense of our health. When it comes to food, we shouldn’t cheap out and instead get the best products that fit our budget.

To start off with this mindset, feel free to check the cookies and biscuits from Gullón. As the inventor of the health biscuit, this European brand is an expert at crafting snacks with your health in mind. Most of the variants are made with high-oleic sunflower oil, which is low in bad cholesterol, while some are sugar-free. You can definitely treat yourself right by munching on these delightful snacks.


In most workplaces, coffee is an integral part of everyone’s day. After all, the stimulating effects of caffeine can improve mental focus and alertness, which leads to higher productivity. For those who are swamped with work, they get their caffeine fix through instant coffee. Unfortunately, most of these variants come with copious amounts of sugar.

When you drink this kind of cup, you get a sugar high instead of a caffeine kick.

If you find great enjoyment in coffee, check out the selection of Chek Hup coffees. Hailing from Ipoh Malaysia, famous for its white (meaning pure) coffee, these variants are worthy companions to your busy day. If you prefer to customize the sweetness of your drink, you can opt for the Chek Hup 2 in 1 White Coffee. The sugar in this variant comes separately. If you like the most robust cup you can get, tear open a sachet of Chek Hup 3 in 1 White Coffee King. From its name that denotes the highest position of royalty, you’ll definitely get a jolt of energy from its strong and robust taste.

The best thing about Chek Hup is that it doesn’t use any artificial flavors. Your Chek Hup coffee will taste great because the coffee beans used in the drink are expertly roasted and packed. The included creamer is of the highest quality, as well as the rock sugar, which the brand touts as its own brand. Suffice it to say, you can express a degree of self-care by choosing this coffee brand.


Nothing ruins one’s day as much as a rumbling stomach, especially in the morning. But in this fast-paced environment where traffic is plentiful and time is of the essence, we don’t have much choice but to renege on our breakfast to get to the office. And when work starts, often we have no choice but to begin our day and wait for lunchtime to get some food. If you are committed to loving yourself, this routine simply won’t do.

If this sounds like your typical day, NutriBrownRice is the ideal product to accompany your morning rush. Packed with vitamins and minerals that help jumpstart your day, this brown rice meal can be prepared in an instant by just pouring the contents on a hot mug of water. After a few swirls of your spoon, a healthy meal is ready to start the day ahead.


Perhaps the most tangible improvement that you can pledge to yourself is to do all that’s possible to avoid getting sick. The drawbacks of falling ill are plenty: your productivity will plummet, you’ll be compelled to take a leave, and you’ll be forced to buy expensive medicine.

Start your day with Berocca. Putting this helpful effervescent tablet into a glass of cold water will result in a tasty mixture of B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc.

Loving yourself is a commitment to making better choices that improve your life. Whether it is about cooking your own food, eating healthy snacks, drinking better coffee, never skipping breakfast, or getting an energy boost, you’ll surely find that an improved life is one worth living. — (TGM)

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