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Build New Cozy Corners For The New Year

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This article will share tips on how you can change up your daily setup at home so you can freshen up your routine as you welcome and start the new year.

For many people, the new year means a chance to try new things and to start with a clean slate. Being able to jumpstart the year on a better foot can also make you feel like you have the upper hand as the new chapter begins.

As first of January approaches, many of you may already started jotting down the things you’ll do for 2023. This may include traveling to foreign places, trying something you haven't done before, upgrading your living spaces, or building a cozy corner for yourself.

Building new corners for the new year

Creating new spaces is just one of the many things you can do to kick off your year better. More so, having tidy and clean corners can make you feel better as you take on your resolutions one by one.

But with all your goals, finding your way and starting on one point can be overwhelming. If you feel you need help, we got some ideas on where you could start with.

1. Freshen Up Your Home Workspace

The past two years have drastically changed many people's lives. And if you’re one of the many people who permanently moved from an office to working in your home, your work area is one of the most important spaces you have.

And what's a better way to revamp your workspace with new tools that will help you get on with your day more productively?

For long hours in your home office

BackJoy Angel Traction Sit has a sleek and elegant ergonomic design with a soft foam that gives you foundational support for long hours of sitting. You’ll also love its anti-slip function that keeps your sitting posture correct. Angel Traction is also lightweight and can easily be used anywhere you go. Adding this to your home office space will not only upgrade your workspace corner but will also elevate your work performance.

2. Brighten Up Your Vanity

If you love your self-care routines, it’s likely that you start and end your days in front of your vanity. But while you surely keep this space tidy most of the time, you still have items left in there that you don't really use anymore. So make sure to take the time to declutter your vanity by throwing out old and empty products.

You can also organize your items according to their usage, like everyday use, hair products, makeup, and other more categories that you use.

Discover new skincare essentials

As we also welcome the new year with clean spaces, it's time to freshen up your vanity with new products. Start off the year with an all-new skincare line up from Avène's Essential Care Starter Kit. The kit contains Gentle Milk Cleanser, Thermal Spring Water, Gentle Toning Lotion, and VHP Emulsion Fragrance-Free. Together, these products give you four easy steps to help soothe and keep your skin hydrated.

3. Spruce Up Your Closet

Just like your vanity, your closet is a space you use daily. But with how busy your days can be, you probably have a pile of clothes you only sometimes wear.

This new year, take the time to clean out your closet. Take out the pieces that don't fit you or haven't worn in so long, and only keep the ones you often wear and use a lot. Doing this will also make space for you to upgrade your wardrobe in the future.

4. Deep Clean & Organize Your Kitchen

If your family loves home-cooked meals, the kitchen could be one of the busiest places in the house. The space tends to be messy, especially when you have to prepare three meals a day. That’s why as the new year rolls in, it’s ideal to deep clean its corners to brighten up the space.

Get rid of old and expired seasonings, and appliances you don't use, which only take up space in your kitchen. Get new towels and go through your pantry to organize your snacks and essentials.

And with the new year that came around, stock up on new snacks you can enjoy anytime. This new year is also the perfect time to stock up your pantry with healthier snacks like Gullón's Sugar-Free Chocolate Wafer. These no-sugar treats are perfect for quick snack breaks between work. You might also appreciate that it’s cholesterol-free with zero trans fat per serving. Not only is it healthy, but it will surely satisfy your sweet cravings when it strikes in.

Reorganizing your living spaces can help you create a more enjoyable living environment. By decluttering, setting up a designated workspace, using underutilized spaces, and investing in multi-functional tools, you can transform areas of your home into more organized and efficient spaces that inspire you this new year. — (TGM)

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