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Neufemme 90's

Price: ₱3,042.00

  • Product Information

    Neufemme is a herbal dietary supplement for women. It contains a combination of herbal extracts derived from Mung beans and Eucommia bark. NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS

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Ethical Heritage

Nutrafem is clinically proven effective in placebo-controlled trials

  • 7 days' quick action relief
  • 90% experienced reduction in hot flushes
  • 77% experienced reduction in menopause symptoms (MRS)
  • 79% experienced reduction in emotional symptoms (SRDS)

Published in peer reviewed medical journals

  • Menopause.2010;17(2):303
  • - Climacteric.2011;14(Suppl 1):4

Neufemme / Nutrafem is clinically tested to be safe

In placebo-controlled studies, Nutrafem is shown to be safe with:

  • no side effects.
  • no effect on the uterus.
  • no liver toxicity

Neufemme / Nutrafem is unique

Unlike most hormone replacement products available in the market that try to replace this loss of estrogen, Nutrafem assists our body to use its own estrogen more effectively. Hence, our body gets what it only needs, promoting safety and efficacy.

Neufemme / Nutrafem is natural

Nutrafem is made from natural botanical extracts that are derived from Vigna radiata beans and Eucommia ulmoides bark. The beans and bark have been routinely consumed by many generations of Asian families. Nutrafem does not contain sugar, salt, lactose, artificial flavours, preservatives and animal products.

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