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Neucell: The Essence of Mushroom

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The pages of scientific breakthroughs have shown us that there will always be more reason to appreciate the life flourishing around us.

Human intelligence adapted to compete with evolution, but there is an absolute truth often left understated. We live on a generous planet that provides us with everything we need to survive. From the materials we use for shelter to the food we consume for sustenance, nature has all there is to offer. It can even give us the protection we need to sustain our health.

For thousands of years, many civilizations have relied on herbs' capabilities to defend them against sickness and affliction. And through generations, these traditions have been refined to the test of time, showing how nature can serve for our best interest. NeuCell's Essence of Mushroom introduces the ancient-old yun-zhi herb to contemporary science, revealing a dietary supplement suited for our daily immune boost.

Understand how Neucell's Essence of Mushroom can do this for you by becoming acquainted with the provenance and medicinal properties of yun-zhi.

The Provenance of the Cloud Mushroom

The yun-zhi mushroom, better known as the cloud mushroom, has been revered as a phenomenal herb in Chinese medical texts dating back to 2000 years ago. These low-lying fungi were commonly found in dead logs, tree trunks, and branches, but there are more to these mushrooms that meet the eye. Within the frilly layers of this mushroom lies remarkable health-promoting properties. Ancient medicinal records would even describe its effects to bring invigorating vital energy and rejuvenation after prolonged consumption.

So how did this cloud mushroom survive through antiquity?

Launching Into Modernity

As it flourished in the spheres of oriental traditional medicine, the prime benefits of this mushroom quickly attracted the attention of modern science. Yun-zhi, or what is called by scientific experts as Coriolus Versicolor, are widely distributed worldwide and commonly found in forests. In fact, in North America, yun-zhi is natively known as the Turkey Tail mushroom. Being that it is a readily available type of fungi, extensive clinical trials steadily came into place to verify its scientific benefits. Today, this captivating mushroom has become one of the most studied mushrooms throughout the world.

Yun-Zhi: A Cloud Of Powerful Defense

The cloud mushroom has become a widely sought-after herbal supplement due to its desirable health benefits. Yun-zhi is shown to strengthen the respiratory system and support healthy liver function. However, the full capabilities of this herb yet remain dormant.

This multicolored mushroom catapulted into front attraction of scientific research due to its impressive influence on our immune system. Extensive studies reveal that it has the potential to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, thereby enhancing cancer patients' quality of life during treatments.

A clinical trial involving patients undergoing chemotherapy reveals that after two months of taking NeuCell's yun-zhi capsules, the results showed an effective 83%-86% rate to improve its common symptoms. Yun-zhi may also be a viable aid for patients with chronic diseases such as hepatitis.

Although ongoing research has yet to unveil the complete secrets of the yun-zhi mushroom, its value for our immune system remains clear. Combined with the mighty pair of a balanced diet and exercise, NeuCell's Essence of Mushroom is immense support for our health. Receive the best of what has taken thousands of years for nature and science to make. —(TGM)

Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider with any questions or concerns about your health. Check with your doctor before you begin using an herbal supplement to avoid issues due to drug interactions.

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