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In this article, we discuss the new Reviews functionality of the Goodwill Market.

While an eclectic mix of premium products is a cornerstone of the Goodwill Market, it’s the people and the human connections that make the purchasing journey memorable. We believe in empowering our most loyal customers with the ability to share their thoughts about the products.. Through their honest and authentic feedback, we can guide people into purchasing products that are perfect for their needs.

While we can assure you that all products on the Goodwill Market are original, authentic, and follow a strict set of criteria (which you can read on our how to buy page), there is no substitute for an honest and unbiased review from someone who has tried the product firsthand. That’s why we are inviting registered users of the Goodwill Market to leave reviews of the brands that they have tried.

To ensure fair ratings, please keep in mind two simple rules:

  1. Judge the products based on its quality and not on extraneous factors such as how long it took to arrive or the quality of the box that it came in.
  2. Leave a review for products that you have bought and personally tried. To help other customers in their purchasing decisions, we want to let them hear your own experience in using the product.

Reviewing a product only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Log in to your account. If you haven’t registered yet, please sign up for an account. Doing so makes it simple and convenient for you to order your favorite products from the Goodwill Market.

2. Click on the product you wish to review. After scrolling down to the bottom, you’ll see a “Leave a review” button. Click on that, and a small window will appear.

3. With five stars being the highest, please rate the product fairly and honestly. Clicking on the right-most star will give it the best rating while tapping on the left-most one signifies your dissatisfaction.

4. Please share your experience with the product. Tell us the story of how you came to discover the brand, how you used, and why you are leaving behind the rating you just gave.

5. After penning a thoughtful review, kindly click on the “Submit Review” button. Once you see a thank you page, rest assured that we have captured your review. A representative of the Goodwill Market will take a look at it.

6. Those whose insights are deemed to be thoughtful may receive a response from our team. When your review gets this honor, your report will sit beside a note from our editor. We designed the Goodwill Market to be a safe space for you to find items that will help you live a better day.

In line with this commitment, we dedicate considerable efforts to moderating this platform to stand for positivity and authenticity. We assure you that the reviews you’ll see on the website reflect actual real-world use from customers who bought the product.

There’s far more to this website than quality products and fast shipping. With the addition of a robust reviews feature and the continued patronage of loyal customers, the Goodwill Market proves that it is the real connections that count. — (TGM)

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