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Better Snacking Choices: Introducing Gullon from Spain

Key Takeaway

Gullón biscuits are the ideal snacks for those who want to live a better day.

Nothing puts the die in dieting more than the uncertain moment when your stomach revolts against your lessened food intake. Your gut feeling may lead you to your nearest convenience store to grab a quick fix. Until you come to a shattering realization that your nasty nibble costs you bad calories.

With your dreams of dieting crashed, it is easy to fall back into bad snacking habits. At the Goodwill Market, you have a better choice that you can happily carry around in your bag or in your pocket. This better snacking choice won't ruin your diet or your renewed preference for healthier food.

Better snacking has a name, and the name is Gullón. We think you're going to love it.


Building upon more than 100 years of biscuit innovation, Gullon's biscuit line proves that snacking can be a healthy and guilt-free experience. Whether you're reducing your carb intake or only lessening the call of the munchies, Gullón is a delightful alternative if you want to upgrade your snacking choices.

Gullón built its excellent stature on crafting tasty treats that tantalize the taste buds. It all started in 1892 when Manuel Gullón, an enterprising impresario introduced a peculiar yet palatable concept to Spanish society — the biscuit.

In the 1950s, the company created the Maria Dorada and Tostada biscuit lines — named as such because these were dipped in high-quality oil to achieve a pleasant appearance and texture. As a testament to producing treats that both look and taste great, Gullón produced chocolate-covered rolled wafers, ring-shaped pastries, and teatime biscuits. Customers happily dipped on to their favorite tea infusions.


Gullon's claim to fame came with their invention of the modern health biscuit. By making a biscuit with whole grains of wheat that included both the husk and the outer layer, Gullón made a satisfying snack that's high in fiber and low on guilt. For the first time, people can feel good about consuming a nutritious nibble by grabbing a slightly soft whole meal biscuit with a sweet and malty taste.

In 2002, Gullón listened to the changing demands of its customers from around the world. They introduced the Sugar-free Diet Nature Line products that are free from lactose, fructose, and sucrose. By cutting out the unhealthy ingredients that usually reside in inferior options, Gullón made the most suitable snacking experience for diabetics and weight-watchers.

“Who better to innovate the health biscuit than its inventors?”

Fast forward to today, Gullón is making over 10 billion pesos worth of exports annually to more than 100 countries on all five continents. From its humble beginnings as a success story of Manuel Gullón, the company now offers a full range of health biscuits:

  • Decrease amount of sugar
  • Decrease amount of salt
  • Increase amount of fiber
  • Use of wholegrain flours, if possible
  • Use of high oleic sunflower oil

Gullón has invested in state-of-the-art factories in Europe, so all crackers are of the highest quality and fit for the palate of even the most discerning taste.


Gullón biscuits are the ideal snacks for those who want to live a better day. It is a brand that we included in the Goodwill Market because of its sterling reputation as a purveyor of the finest biscuits.

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