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In this article, we round up the individuals who have loved shopping with TGM and how the reader can be part of this online community.

The nature of shopping has evolved from being a solitary task to being a social activity. We buy our necessities based on our collective knowledge from research, first-hand experience, and word of mouth. However, with the onset of e-commerce shopping, our experience has once again been confined to the four corners of our screens and taken as an individual duty.

But it does not have to be a lonely activity all together. We understand that from how you discover new stores into you finally making a purchase, customer feedback and personal recommendations hugely influence your decision. When you shop, you're not only checking a product's quality, but you're also looking at the community it fosters. Unconsciously, you ask yourself (and perhaps want to ask someone else), "Is this something I want to trust and be a part of?"

Here at The Goodwill Market, our goal is to go beyond just being your online partner for healthy essentials. We also want to be a place where you can find people like yourself striving towards a better lifestyle.

We'd love for you to be part of our community.

You may be wondering who these people are exactly. And it may be impossible to meet every single one. But for now, at least, we can share a few of their striking traits. See if you can fit right in.

1. Seekers of better choices

The Goodwill Market is built from the ground up as the home of better choices. If you're continually improving your lifestyle or keeping an eye out for healthier alternatives, you'd love it right here. You no longer need to look far and wide for veritable items. We make it easier for you to find reputable products from all across the globe. And we'll deliver it to your home with such ease and convenience.

2. Fans of health and wellness

Those who remain loyal to our community are individuals who have a high regard for their health. At the heart of what we do, we want to refine your way of living through small changes. Like how you eat, exercise, and take your vitamins. We want to stock your arsenal with widely beneficial products and provide you helpful tips to fulfill your various needs. If you're looking for a partner for your wellness journey, we're right there with you.

3. Lovers of food that tastes good and does good for your body

We're firm believers that delicious meals aren't exclusive to calorie-laden food. That's why we see it as our duty to offer you better ingredients and recipes to try out on your own. So far, this has helped us grow a community of home-grown cooks and healthy food enthusiasts. Take a look at our current list of recipes or visit our Instagram for more ideas. You might find a new dish to add to your next meal plan.

Meet a few of our partners

Want to feel more connected? Get to know some of the people who've been active in our community.

Peachy from The Peach Kitchen

As a mom and dedicated foodie herself, Peachy fills her time experimenting with inspiring recipes that her family will love. Check out her divine creations with our White Truffle Oil from Umbria Terra Di Tartufi.

Nathaniel from The Hungry Chef

Known famously for his exceptional Cantonese mooncakes, we also had the chance for Nathaniel to try making a sumptuous serving of Truffle Cream Pasta with our Italian Black Truffle Sauce.

Yen from The Tummy Traveler

Traveling and exploring new places are two of the many things that Yen loves to do. And at the age of 44, we've come to hear that she's grown to rely on Recogen to support her joint and bone health. Read about her experience on her website.

Fine-tuning your lifestyle won't only consist of developing better habits and sourcing healthier options. It's also about choosing the right crowd you want to grow with. Because if you find the right community for you, the easier it'll be to find the bright path to wellness. Sign up today at The Goodwill Market and make better shopping choices. — (TGM)

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