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Stir Up Exciting Weekends With These 5 Family Activities

Key Takeaway

In this article, we share a few exciting activities that families can do for a fun and memorable weekend.

We do the best we can everyday. Whether it's at work or for our personal lifestyle, we're always trying to make better choices so that we're continually improving. But at the end of each week, we also need some time to rest and recuperate.

And what better way to replenish our batteries than by spending it with our loved ones?

Here are a few suggestions you can do with the family for a comforting and memorable weekend.


A tantalizing meal can quickly round up the whole family at the dinner table. Even if we're in the comforts of our home, our palates can soar the wonders of international flavors.

Care to take a dip into Middle Eastern Cuisine? You can whip up a range of tasty meals with Duru Bulgur from Turkey. This healthy rice alternative can be best enjoyed by the whole family in the special dish called bulgur pilaf.


Bring out the freshly popped popcorn and the warm covers, it's time for an epic movie marathon with the family. The advent of online streaming platforms has made it easy for us to watch our all-time favorite movies. The only question is to find the right company to share these fun moments with. With family, it's a guaranteed solace.


Adding a small touch of greenery around the house does the work to uplift the atmosphere and mood. But if you don't have a natural green thumb, you can still have your own miniature indoor garden with a terrarium.
You'll be able to build an entire world in just a small glass container. It's a delightfully immersive activity that the whole family can partake in. Afterward, you might even be interested in growing a family vegetable garden. Save that for the next weekend, shall we?


Before the dawn of digital diaries and social media, families took to embellished scrapbooks and albums to preserve family memories. How about bringing this classic practice back in trend? Round up the whole family for a lighthearted session of arts and crafts.


Although the current climate has yet to permit us for a carefree outdoor frolic, that shouldn't stop us from having a fun time indoors. A nicely laid out picnic blanket, a basket of pastries and goodies, along with the joyous company of family —it'll be as if nothing is amiss. You can even take a wide range of sugar-free delish treats by Gullon for the rest of the family to enjoy!

To ensure that weekends remain worry-free, families can rely on Suu Balm's fast and soothing relief against itch and dry skin. Kids and adults with skin concerns such as eczema can find lasting comfort in Suu Balm's rapid itch relief cream and body wash.

Fuel the weekend anticipation even more with these exciting family activities. Create more memories to cherish every weekend. Planning to schedule your weekend activity? Let us know how it goes with the hashtag #BetterChoices on Facebook and Instagram! — (TGM)

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