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Embrace Clean and Meaningful Playtime Moments with Cradle

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A clean play space means a fun playtime for your kids! Check out these tips to make sure that you and your kids spend a worry-free bonding moment.

A clean play space means a fun playtime for your kids! Check out these tips to make sure that you and your kids spend a worry-free bonding moment.

In a world filled with endless possibilities for playing and learning, the toys your children interact with become integral to their growth and development. Therefore, ensuring that baby toys are clean is part of the many responsibilities of being a parent.

As children play with toys, they come into contact with harmful bacteria and germs that can make them sick. So, to help keep your kids safe and healthy during their playtime, we are here to introduce Cradle to you—a quick toy and surface cleaner that has natural antibacterial agents that are safe for your kids!

Cradle: A Parent’s Companion for Safe Play

Cradle has antibacterial agents that keep your surfaces and floors clean without compromising your children's health. It is certified as non-toxic and edible, making it perfectly safe to use as your children's toy cleaner. Plus, it kills 99% of disease-causing germs, leaving clean surfaces and floors, and keeping your teething cuties safe with their chewing toys!

How to Use Cradle for a Safe Play Environment

  1. For Natural Bottle & Nipple Cleanser: Dilute the product with water first (ideally 2-3 pumps for 1 liter of water). Soak a sponge with the diluted product and clean the bottle, nipples, or utensils.
  2. For Spray Bottle: Spray directly only on toys, fabrics, and surfaces. For hard toys and surfaces, you may opt to use a cloth afterward to wipe it clean. For electronic toys, on the other hand, make sure to spray on a cloth and wipe instead of spraying directly.

Clean Toys and Surfaces Build Cleaning Habits

Beyond safety, maintaining your home and your children’s toys clean also fosters a healthy cleaning habit. Children quickly notice what they see from adults so it is important that we teach them proper cleaning habits. Here are some tips on how you may do it:

1. Use a routine.

Children, especially those under 5, may have difficulty understanding time. It's beneficial to teach them a regular cleaning routine so they develop good cleaning habits as they grow up. Say, have them organize and keep their toys in a basket before dinner time. Remember that children also enjoy feeling a sense of responsibility and accomplishment—just make sure to compliment them when doing so!

2. Ask them to help with cleaning.

Cleaning can also be a good bonding experience with your children. Instead of regular cleaning, make it fun by turning it into a game. Ask for their help and keep them entertained while cleaning.

3. Create an organized space that is child-friendly.

To develop cleanliness and organization habits, your home should have designated spots for baby toys, clothes, and even toothbrushes. Keeping designated spaces for everything helps your children be more familiar with where to put their things. Consistency is key to learning so avoid changing your home or play space often.

In the journey of parenting, ensuring that your children have a clean and safe environment to play and learn is crucial. With that, it's important to make better choices that would only benefit your kid’s health and wellness. Remember, the choices we make impact not only your lives but also the lives of our little ones. So let’s make the choice for a clean, safe, and meaningful playtime for our children. — (TGM)

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