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Make #BetterChoices For Your Little Ones

As parents, we must only choose what's best for our kids. Especially now, it is during this time that we should make the right choices for them. Above anything, it’s at this period that we should look after them more and take care of them in all means that we can to ensure that they are always healthy, protected, and of course, loved.

Here at The Goodwill Market, we don’t only have products that will cater to your changing lifestyle. We also have products specifically made for your kids that range from helping them feel delighted and protecting them from illnesses.

With that, here’s a simple guide on what you should get for your kids at The Goodwill Market to provide the care and love that they need.

The double B to boost up their immunity

Protect their immunity and provide the necessary vitamins that your kids need with Bewell-C Kids and Blemil Kids 4!

Ensure that your kids get their daily dose of Vitamin C with Bewell-C Kids. It has Sodium Ascorbate and Zinc, and it’s non-acidic and safe for your kids to take any time of the day. Aside from boosting their immunity, Vitamin C also helps strengthen their cartilage and develop their muscles. Plus, it forms healthy teeth and bones that are vital during your kids’ formative years.

Next up is Blemil Kids 4, which is the perfect and enriched growing-up milk for your kids. It ensures to supply nutrients to their body that aids for proper growth and also intellectual development.

Blemil also provides probiotics that help in proper digestion and boosting your kid’s immunity. Its components, such as iron, L-carnitine, taurine, and fatty acids, contribute to correcting your kid’s brain function. With a single glass of Blemil, you are ensured that you are giving your kids all the proper nutrients and securing their protection so they could thrive.

When is the perfect time to give Bewell-C and Blemil to your kids?

The answer varies from one kid to another. Factors like lifestyle and preferences get in the way of deciding when and what time you should give them to your kids. However, we recommend starting their day with a dose of Vitamin C. Water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C are best to be taken with an empty stomach.

With this, we suggest letting your kids take their vitamins an hour to 30 minutes before their breakfast meal. And worry not, because Bewell-C Kids is safe to be taken anytime under any circumstances. Plus, letting your kids have their vitamins first thing in the morning sets up the mood and ensures that they are protected throughout their day.

For Blemil Kids 4, we recommend allowing your kids to drink it right before their bedtime. Giving milk to your kids at night will help them have a better slumber as it induces sleep and regulates a sleep-wake cycle. Apart from these, milk promotes a sense of relaxation that will help your kids have a peaceful night routine just as they prepare to head to dreamland.

The handy essentials to brighten up their day

If you’re looking for products to simply make your kids smile and let them feel that they’re loved, then Fruit Me Up, and Queray Baby and Kids Bath Gel are your right partners!

To let them have fun, give them the quirky snack that is Fruit Me Up! It is made up of natural fruits that are blended together. Not only is it fun, but it’s also healthy as it has no added sugar, flavorings, and preservatives. It is also a more enjoyable way to make your kids have fruits without having to go through the struggle of forcing it on them.

In addition, Fruit Me Up also provides the same amount of fiber, nutrients, and vitamins that your kids can get from natural fruits. What a great way of turning healthy eating for kids easy, right?

And lastly, to make your kids feel well taken care of, give them a bath using Queray Baby and Kids Bath Gel. A new product all the way from Spain, Queray’s Bath Gel ensures that bath times with your kids will be fun. It helps maintain their silky soft skin and also moisturizes it.

Apart from it, Queray’s Bath Gel also hydrates your kids’ skin and prevents it from getting dry and itchy. Certainly, bath times would be more exciting for you and your kids with Queray’s premium quality bath gel.

How can you use these products to make your kids smile?

To maximize the benefits of these products, here are our recommended ways to give them to your children.

Use Fruit Me Up as a reward that your kids can have for the small accomplishments that they can do, whether at home or school. Doing this would ensure a boost in their mood and motivate them to behave well.

Also, pair Fruit Me Up with their other favorite treats and serve them during break and snack times. Chances are, your kids will develop great enthusiasm over snack times and avoid a picky attitude towards eating and any kind of mealtimes.

And for Queray Baby and Kids Bath Gel, we suggest using it for their evening bath time so they could have a refreshed and cool bedtime routine after. Also, having a fun bath time in the evening before they proceed and prepare for bedtime will put them in a good mood. And just as how we make sure that our kids feel delighted throughout their day, it’s also vital that we let them end their day feeling good and happy.

With the various products out there for our kids, choosing the perfect ones can be a challenging game. After all, making better choices for our kids is not easy. But with The Goodwill Market, we are here to ease your worries and help you decide by doing the work for you. With our carefully curated products, we hope you can make the right choices and only give your kids what’s best for them. — (TGM)

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