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Summer Skincare: How To Keep Your Skin’s Glow & Hydration

Key Takeaway

Bringing in the protection while making your skin healthy, refreshed, and glowing is a worthwhile investment.

Summer is always full of excitement, as we enjoy basking in the sunlight and doing all the fun outdoor activities for an extended period. And as the day lasts longer, we tend to have more direct contact with the sun's heat rays whenever we spend time outside. Our daily and over-exposure make our skin dehydrate faster and diminishes its glow.

Our face is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. When exposed to heat, it loses more water, making its protective barrier less effective against dirt and the sun's radiation. Moreover, our skin produces more excess oil as the temperature rises, blocking our pores and generating grease that eventually leads to acne breakouts.

As we experience excessive heat all day, we want to protect our skin from exhibiting acne, rashes, and sunburn. Building a proper skincare regimen is essential in maintaining healthy, glowing, and younger-looking skin during the hot season. We came up with guides and tips to help make your skin hydrated and bright during the summer. If you are looking for practical ways to create or improve your current routine, we got you covered! Let's get started!

Step #1: Start by cleaning your skin

Always start your routine by washing your face. A thoroughly cleansed face is needed to be the foundation for your skincare. It helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and makeup residue present in your skin. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin is also essential to treat skin concerns such as acne scars, dry skin, or excess oil. With this in mind, you may want to consider using Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel. This gentle cleanser refreshes your skin, eliminates impurities that clog pores, and removes makeup and excess oil, making your skin fresh and clean.

Step #2: Next up, use a toner

Applying a toner after cleansing is a great skincare practice. Toners refine your skin's surface by providing what it needs to look smoother and hydrated, especially during summer. Avène's Cleanance Mat Mattifying Toner gives you a refreshing and pleasant matte texture on your skin. This toner has a triple-action formula that helps eliminate spots, reduce blackheads and regulate the hyper-production of natural oils. Moreover, it makes your skin smooth and provides soothing benefits to your face.

Step #3: Add in some moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is an excellent addition to your routine as it helps your skin stay hydrated and prevents it from drying out for an extended period during the summer. Avène Hydrance Light Hydrating Emulsion is one of the best moisturizers that you can utilize for your delicate skin. This hydrating regimen provides 24 hours of skin hydration, thanks to the patented active complex Cohederm that restores your skin's optimum water levels. Moreover, its non-sticky light texture leaves the skin feeling refreshed upon application, giving softness, suppleness, and luminosity all day long.

Step #4: Round it up with a sunscreen

With the sun being out longer, you are more prone to UV rays. A great way to end your routine during summer is by applying sunscreen. Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF50+ is a fantastic product you might want to use. Bringing its optimal protection from UVB and UVA rays, this sunscreen makes sure you are protected from the sun's radiation for the whole day. The best part of it? It's Enriched in Avène thermal spring water and mattifying powders providing your skin a matte and non-shiny effect.

Additional tips to remember in doing your summer skincare

Now that you've made your skincare regimen remember that you should be consistent with your routine to achieve the desirable results. To help you further, here are some additional tips for you to keep in mind to have that healthy glow and hydrated skin during the summer.

Tip #1: Make sure the products are suitable for you

Each person has a different type of skin. You would always want to test the product first before using it. Doing this will help detect any potential severity of an allergic reaction on you when you start using the product. Prevention of these conditions earlier is always a priority as it can help us avoid unwanted damage to our skin.

Tip #2: Sunscreen is always essential during summer

Using sunscreen can help make your skin happy while protecting you from sunburn when you go out. As the sun shines brighter, sunscreen will always be the first line of defense for your face. Forgetting to apply it will expose you to the sun's UV rays and potentially lose the effectiveness of your skincare routine.

With summer upon us, building a proper skincare routine is a worthwhile investment. Bringing in the protection while making your skin healthy, refreshed, and glowing is a worthwhile investment. Remember that being consistent with your regimen will help you radiate that healthy glow as you continue to have utmost fun throughout the season. — (TGM)

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