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In this article, we elucidate the importance of snacking and how five small meals with Gullón can actually be better for your health than starvation diets.

Depriving one’s self of the nutrients it needs to survive will certainly trim away the pounds, but it will lead to an utterly disorienting day. Try facilitating an important hands-on meeting without anything for lunch or selling the merits of a groundbreaking idea while a cacophony of noises emanates from your stomach. And if you are successful in warding off your appetite for the day, a longing glance at a juicy cheeseburger may be enough to tempt you to give up dieting altogether and start over. For most of us who need to be at their best, we can’t be caught famished at the office.

Luckily, an alternative exists. Numerous studies have found that eating five small meals throughout the day has multiple benefits. Doing so helps you control your appetite better, keeps your blood sugar levels in check, and maintains your energy at a steady level. You only eat until you don’t feel hungry (as opposed to stuffing yourself full). And because you don’t feel hungry, you have more willpower and are less susceptible to fall under the beguiling charms of binging on your favorite calorie-rich cuisine.

However, this commitment to consuming five small meals means that you need to have healthy, high-quality food within reach. You can’t eat out at a restaurant; most of them have heaping servings, and you can’t control how much salt or oil they put. And good for you if you can prepare packed meals before you leave for a hectic day; for most us, this is not an option.

Without a proper meal within reach, you will be tempted to just grab the snack closest to you. Even if you dash towards a convenience store, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a biscuit that doesn’t have the caloric equivalent of one cup of rice. Suffice it to say, the commitment to eating five small meals every day is a challenging one to keep.

At the Goodwill Market, you can order the best snacks that can help you keep your five-meals-a-day pledge. Gullón is a premium food brand that prides itself in making the tastiest biscuits that makes you feel good about what you’re eating.

Unlike other health crackers, Gullón biscuits actually taste great and do so without using harmful ingredients.

Perhaps the best example of this delicious health food is Gullon’s Chocolate Chip Biscuits. At first glance, it looks like your regular, chunky, sinful cookie. But you’ll be delighted to know that it is sugar-free and the chips on its satisfying surface are high in fiber. So when you eat it, you don’t feel the pangs of guilt that you usually have after consuming other unhealthy cookie options.

Another biscuit that’s worthy of your consideration is Gullon’s Vitalday Mixed

Berry line. These crave-worthy confections are whole grain, rich in fiber, and made with berries of the most exceptional quality. The biscuits are prepared using high oleic sunflower oil, which has low saturated fat and free from unwanted trans fats. This is a remarkable deviation from other brands whose good taste comes at the cost of sky-high sugar content.

Or if you just want something simple, you can’t go wrong with Gullón Maria biscuits. Made with the same high oleic sunflower oil and free from artificial sweeteners, these biscuits are made for dipping into your cup of coffee or tea. For those who can’t drink caffeinated drinks on an empty stomach, a pack of Gullón Maria biscuit is the ideal companion.

As the company who invented the modern health biscuit, Gullón is the best biscuit brand to bring with you everywhere. So before embarking on your five small meals a day journey, be sure to pack a few Gullón biscuits so you’ll be ready to fend off the cravings. When you snack on these tasty treats, you’ll forget that you were dieting in the first place. — (TGM)

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