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5 Reasons Why It's More Fun With Less Sugar

Key Takeaway

In this article, we talk about the merits of toning down your sugar intake and how it can unlock your body's potential.

When you're aiming to shed off a few pounds, cutting out sugar from your diet may be the first thing that comes to mind. And it's no question why. Fewer sweets and refined sugar means letting go of empty calories that are unnecessary load in our bodies. But the whole process is not a walk in the park.

In a generation where sugar awaits at every corner and quenching your cravings is made more accessible than ever before, staying committed to a regulated diet is a definite trial. It's only a matter of time before you grow tired of saying "no" to the mouthwatering confections you see on the regular, and be tempted to quit the progress you've made so far. This experience doesn't have to be so complicated, however. Perhaps, what you only need reminding of are the reasons why life could be much sweeter with less sugar. Allow us to count the personal benefits of taking away sweeteners in your diet.

1. You'll feel more energized.

Although sugary delights increase your body's energy levels, the effects are fleeting and promptly follow a dreaded sugar crash. In short, food high in sugar isn't the best source for energy. So if you want to get more out of your day, you indeed won't find the answer from a store-bought muffin. Instead, get healthy and lasting energy from nutrient-rich food such as whole grains and fruits.

2. Clears and promotes firmer skin.

If you’re experiencing rough spots and blemishes on your skin, then you might want to stave off from processed food containing high amounts of sugar. Several skin problems like acne and eczema are made worse by the sugar you consume. The inflammation caused by sugar also helps collagen break down, so putting away added sugar for as long as possible is recommended if you want to delay your skin from sagging.

3. Have a better mood and focus.

We often give ourselves leeway to binge on sugary treats when we require comfort food. But it seems this sort of practice does more harm than good. Sugar promotes mood imbalances and sluggishness, which doesn't bode well for your mental health. You'll find more worthwhile rewards with wholesome food such as fish, nuts, and lean meats.

4. It can boost brain function and memory.

When you have several tasks to attend to daily, you'd deeply appreciate having strong retention. So what can help you boost your memory? Well, we can tell you what can't: refined sugars. A study in 2016 reveals that the inflammation caused by sugar leads to memory difficulties. But no worries, a published journal from Appetite followed the next year, which disclosed that a low-sugar or low-glycemic index diet might reverse the memory damage caused by sugar consumption.

5. It will refine your taste in food.

Contrary to what you may be left to believe, a life with less sugar can free you to try and discover more unique snacks and dishes to love. And there's more cause for celebration, mostly when these new finds attract more winning benefits for your health. We can recommend a balanced diet with adequate amounts of fiber that can effectively manage your weight gain.

At this point, you won't even find yourself tempted to go on a cheat day. Healthy alternatives thrive each way you look and are ready to keep you steady on your path. For days when you can't suppress your sweet-tooth cravings, Gullon's sugar-free and fiber-enriched biscuits can swiftly come into the rescue. Indulge in the classic chocolate chip or sink into the irresistible crunch of the yogurt sandwich biscuit. Either way, you’ll surely find a sweet guiltless pleasure.

Changing to a healthier path and following the stream of recommended diets may strike fear for people who've grown accustomed to their carefree lifestyle. But for those willing to make the shift, it's a small sacrifice in exchange for long-term rewards. Trade-off your sugar-clad lifestyle for a more sustainable approach and reap the benefits sooner than later. — (TGM)

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