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We highlight how The Goodwill Market provides a safe and reliable platform for daily essentials with no additional charge for shipping and delivery.

Social distancing, long lines at the cashier, and the safety rush of even just stepping outside make restocking your groceries a challenging task nowadays.

The protocol of social distancing has been one of the most striking features of the new normal. And as helpful it is to prevent the virus from spreading, it does make basic errands significantly longer than ever before. Thankfully, online stores and groceries have heeded the call for a safer option. In exchange for this convenience however, you have to pay extra for the courier fees.

The whole process is a tricky ordeal between balancing comfort and affordability. In the new normal, we can only choose between the two.

Here at the Goodwill Market, we do our best to tick all the boxes and to put your safety first. See how we can provide you with a secure and reliable online shopping experience that gives incredible value for your money.

Shop From a Curated Shelf of Trusted Brands

We strive to be your number one platform for better choices. To live up to this promise, we foster partnerships with global brands to ensure you only receive authentic products right at your doorstep. Feel no worries when it comes to the safety of your health when you shop with us. With the variety of options online, our goal is to make it easier on your end. Trust that we will only present you with products from a reputable source that you will surely benefit from.

Shop for vitamin supplements

A perfect balance of diet and exercise makes for a healthier lifestyle. But we also know that sometimes an extra boost of vitamins is what you need to seize the day. Get the necessary nutrients you need from Sodium Ascorbate Bewell-C and B-Complex vitamins from the all-new Berocca Mango Orange.

Discover a new way for your coffee fix

No matter what time of day it is, make café-blended beverages easily accessible at home. Malaysian instant coffee blends from Chek Hup will always deliver an aromatic experience that rises from every cup. Using rock sugar with a low glycemic index, you can stave off from drinking beverages with high sugar.

Find a healthier rice alternative

White rice is a staple to almost all Filipino households but if you're interested in finding a healthier option, you can find it in Duru Bulgur's nutritious cereal grains. Bulgur is highly rich in fiber, magnesium, and manganese while carrying fewer calories than other whole grains.

We Give You a Seamless Shopping Experience

Shopping here at the Goodwill Market has never been easier. Be rest assured that your account details stay private through our secure payment gateway. Here is what to expect when you shop with us.

Simply make an account on our platform and start shopping from our curated products. Once you've finished filling up your cart, you may proceed to checkout and select your preferred payment option from cash-on-delivery, credit card, GCash, and Grabpay. We want to make cashless transactions our main priority for your convenience and safety.

And want to know what's even better? We offer free shipping with no minimum purchase.

After checking out your items, you'll promptly receive an email confirmation of your order receipt. Once this is in place, you may begin tracking your delivery status through your email and TGM account. And if you still run into issues while shopping online, be rest assured that our friendly customer team will tend to your concerns.

From the premium products we represent and down to our diligent logistics team, we guarantee a reliable platform free from any fuss and delay. Shop safely for your health and savings when you choose The Goodwill Market, the home of better choices. — (TGM)

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