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Protecting Passion: How To Foster Creativity Outside Your Comfort Zone

Key Takeaway

For artistic souls, creativity comes and goes. In times of creative block, we can always look for ways to overcome this wall.

When you’ve carried the weight of creative block long enough, it might be time to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone.

There are days when ideas just naturally flow out of your mind and into paper, canvas, or clay. But there are also times when you suddenly feel as though you’ve hit a wall. What once was a flowing river of inspiration is now a riverbed in the middle of a summer drought.

Your creative tank runs empty and you feel helpless trying to figure out the next station where you can replenish your creative fuel. But worry not, as most, if not all, creative people go through such phases.

What is a creative block?

A creative block is when you feel as though you can’t tap into your own creativity. You may feel as though there are towering walls that hinder you from reaching inspiration. If you’re in a creative profession, it may also not be unusual to hear that others can be affected by this for days, weeks, months, and even years.

When creative hindrances surfaces, this could potentially affect work, performance, and mental health. Most times, a creative block appears due to one’s own inner critic. While it could often be useful in completing and improving a creative project, it can also make you feel as if your work won’t be appreciated by anyone. The fear of rejection and failure can hold you back and build a wall that keeps you from moving.

How can fear affect creativity?

Fear and the pressure of other people’s validation can drain you and your ideas out. For instance, this makes you think you’re not creative enough, despite already producing numerous works and projects.

Being afraid of failure usually stems from the dread of looking or presenting yourself badly in front of people. For example, a study says that people are afraid of doing public speeches. Some scholars even pointed out that most young people are more concerned about this than anything else.

But this is common even for most successful people. According to one survey, 90% of CEOs are up at night due to their worries about being a failure.

So if there are thousands of people in the world who feel this way, how do they manage to get up and push through the day?

How to overcome fear of failure

Just as fear could creep in, there are also ways for you to overcome such hurdles that come your way.

1. Focus on the present

Most of your fears are caused by the many uncertainties that lie ahead in your creative path. Not knowing where your creative pursuits will lead you may be daunting. Despite this, you should know there is also the beauty in the unknown.

Instead of thinking about how it will affect you, it is important to pay attention to what’s currently in your control. Leave the uncertainties of the future behind, keep your eyes on what you have now, and enjoy each minute.

2. Find courage in failing

At times, you just need to find and take the courage to start and keep going. Whether you fail or not, none of these would matter. What is important is taking the step that you need in the direction you wish to go.

What matters is that you give yourself a chance to try, regardless of what result you will get in return. Seek opportunities that demands you leap.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

For many creatives, stepping out of their comfort zone is one of their biggest struggles. They tend to lock themselves up in a box, not knowing there’s plenty more creative freedom if they just step outside.

The reason why creative people stick to the area where they feel safe boils down to three things:

  • Fear of failing

  • Wanting to do good at what they do

  • Being perfectionists

While this safe zone can serve you in many ways, it can also potentially hold you back from achieving greater things in your creative pursuits.

Why is it important to get out of your comfort zone?

Inviting something new into your daily routine wouldn’t hurt you. In fact, many experts have shared that you need to try new things to nurture your creativity.

Dipping your toes in murky waters may uncomfortable. But moments like these are necessary to stimulate creativity. Once you’re more comfortable, you’ll feel more excited to explore new sights and climb new heights.

The lessons you learn will weigh down the fear of the unknown. Remind yourself not to dwell on your mistakes, encourage yourself all the time, and enjoy the moment.

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Being on a creative journey where you can execute your ideas and bring them to life is fulfilling and fun. However, just like how life is full of ups and downs, there are obstacles that you need to face. Getting over a creative block, facing your fears, and stepping out of your safe place, are just a few of the many things that creatives encounter on the way.

But while they can sometimes delay your progress, remember that these moments are temporary and will eventually pass. All you need to do is have the courage to push forth and focus on what’s ahead. — (TGM)

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